How much do restaurant meals cost in Munich, Germany?

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We'll be there in a week. SO EXCITED. I've ready cost of meals can be upwards of $22 per person... YIKES... Is that average or the high end? We really want to try local restaurants but also want some money to buy souvenirs and go sight seeing.

Any tips? Our hotel doesn't do free breakfast (boo). And I know there are American fast food places close by, but who wants to eat that garbage in a foreign country?


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    I can't really tell you about the price around Munich but that seems about right for food costs for average to nicer restaurants near Hanover where my in-laws live. The hubby and I would go to the cafes and even hit food carts for really tasty inexpensive eats when we were out. Curry wurst is so yummy. The breads, cheeses and meats from the local places are delicious - would suggest you buying that if you can for a nice quick but tasty lunch. Definitely stop by a cafe around 2-3pm for the afternoon cake and coffee - Germany's tortes are to die for. In my experience, the lunch was the big meal of the day and dinner was actually quite light with maybe a slice of bread, some butter, meat and cheese with a cup of tea. Now I'm dreaming about the onion mettwurst and kase sahne torte.... :blushing:
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    We lived in Germany for 1 1/2 years. Restaurant prices were higher in cities but I didn't find them outrageous. Some things are much cheaper like cheeses. You can get a bratwurst on a brochen (bread roll) for a Euro (About $1.50 USD) so while dinner might be pricier you can have a wonderful local lunch very cheaply. Heck, if you go to a market with a butcher counter and ask for a sample of some sausage they will give you a whole sausage! LOL Things do tend to be ala carte and if you order water it's going to be a sparkling water unless you ask for still water. Even water costs in restaurants and there are no free refills so don't think "Well, I'll just drink water with dinner and that will save some money." It won't.

    But it's worth it. The people are incredibly friendly. Try to learn a little bit of German. Even if you can only say "I'm sorry I don't speak German." you'll find that they are more than willing to speak English. The vast majority speaks English very well, better than many Americans. LOL
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    If you want an 'authentic' breakfast, typically it will often be bread cheese and ham, maybe with some Orange Juice - so you can go to a local supermarket easily enough for that.

    Often similar for lunch - with a free breakfast, I'd often take a bit extra for lunch too.

    You should find a range of prices, but won't be as cheap as the USA.