Feeling guilty after "cheat day"!



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    I would forget the cheat day and start including favourite but not so healthy things in your diet, in small amounts throughout the week. Or let yourself have a couple of treats, twice a week, instead of a cheat idea. It might be the same in the end, but easier to deal with emotionally and more easy to control.
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    Not to sound rude but after reading some of these..I actually feel worse! If this makes sense. .I almost feel like I am being punished for eating food I dont eat everyday.:(

    That's exactly the mindset I was talking about. Why would you do something that makes you feel guilty or like you're being punished? Why not work on those issues by eating at a calorie deficit, but include the foods that you enjoy? You could even look at your weekly calorie totals instead of day to day. I do that and some days I might go over a little, some days I'm under. Using food as a reward for a good week or a punishment because of a bad day is only doing to lead to problems. Work to learn moderation.
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    Remember, everything in moderation! If you feel like having a "cheat" food, have one! Just not everyday. There is no reason to eat badly on a entire specified cheat day if you don't want to. Instead of having a whole day, maybe just promise to treat yourself to something you really love once a week.

    If you don't want to eat junky foods, don't do it! He probably only recommended this so that you can diet without feeling the pressure to be perfect.

    There is no reason to devote an entire day to eating badly, so long as you aren't completely depriving yourself throughout the week.

    Good luck and anyone can feel free to friend me!
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    instead of calling it a "cheat day" , call it a " day off" You're not cheating anyone on a day off. Just east at a level of caloric maintenance that one day a week. If done properly you could have a treat or two without doing three days of damage to your week of dieting.
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    How about a cheat meal or 2? I can say I can do alot of damage( I have a healthy apetite) in one day and totally erase and entire week of clean eating! And your probably feelign sick from overeating or eating things your not normally having. I feel I deal better mentally having a meal or to and just feel better in gerneral.

    Cheat day of careless eating is silly and can erase much of good stuff done during the week.
    1, max 2 cheat meals per week are enough. And don't go completely overboard during those meals.

    Sorry… I have to disagree that a cheat day is silly.... I routinely have a cheat day every Saturday. It works for me as the ticker below shows. That being said, I recognize that they may not work for everyone. Everyone is different and need to figure out what works best for them. One day will not destroy all of your hard work. Yes you may go up a pound or two the day after but that is typically water weight not 2 pounds of fat. If you are feeling guilty and sick then perhaps it is not the best thing for you today.... But there are many people on here that frequently have cheat meals or cheat days. Keep up the good work and don't give up.
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    I'm one of those people who NEVER does a cheat day. Why would I? Where's the profit in that? I hate that term, by the way. If you eat within your calorie goal you can eat anything you want to.
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    I routinely have a cheat day every Saturday.

    Given that you seem to be consistently coming in significantly below your goal you seem to be banking quite a lot of calories, offsetting any excess.

    Similar to how I'm generally eating
  • Thank you! I really needed that tonight. I do feel guilty but I think its the previous eating disorder issues. I agree..I cant see how one day will mess up the entire week. Thanks for the inspiration.
  • I disagree. I can't eat whatever I want to. Im hypothyroid snd im on an organic clean eating plan. So yes..I have to have a treat day..cheat food..or day off, whatever you want to call it so I dont feel deprived.
  • If you have a medical reason to eat clean and organic food, how does the "cheat day" affect your hypothyroid? I'm genuinely asking here - I don't have much/any knowledge about hypothyroid.
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    If you're craving something, why not incorporate whatever it is you're craving into your daily calories, possibly toward the end of the day? I could understand if your TDEE is low, however. If you go over a bit with whatever it was I wouldn't worry about it and move on. Your body will thank you for the extra glycogen that day. :)

    Strong first post.

    Listen to the man, as his ticker shows, he knows what he's talking about...