General help.

Hi guys, have no clue what I'm doing here so sorry if I've posted somewhere I shouldn't lol!
I'm a 20 year old female, started this weighing 207 and tomorrow it'll be my fourth week doing it.
I have currently lost 10 pound and I'm at 197 and am eating 1200 a day but try to keep a little below it, I'm doing brisk walking for 20 minutes a day on the treadmill burning 100 cal and if I can I will do that twice a day. I am also doing the 30second slim DVD 3 times a week burning say 200 per 20 mins of doing it.
Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I wouldn't say I'm finding the calories too little, because I ate like a pig before so I knew it wouldn't be as easy! But I'm eating porridge and bananas and most home cooked meals from the bbc good food website, and I'm enjoying them all.
Just worried that at some point what I'm doing is wrong and I won't be able to lose any weight!
Would you say 10 pound in 4 week is healthy/unhealthy?
Thanks everyone!


  • lindsayvernon
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    I would say that you are doing fine, but know that sustaining a low cal diet is hard to do. 10 lbs in 4 weeks is great, so don't get down on yourself already. Just make sure that your diet consists of whole/fresh foods as much as possible as they help to keep your full longer. You will eventually start to stall on your weightloss but don't get discourged when that happens, it's all about making sure you hit your calorie goal and get your macros, and stay active. Just keep at it!
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    This is a really great read that should help answer any questions you have: