Help with egg question? (w/ egg nog recipe)

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So I was just sitting here, thinking about how I have everything at home to make egg nog... and then I thought, "If you can get salmonella from an undercooked egg... how do you not get it from egg nog? It's raw. And how did Rocky not get salmonella from eating raw eggs?" Is salmonella just a farce? Anyway, here's the recipe I found and might try out tonight. :bigsmile: I know it's early but I get random cravings, what can I say!?

2 oz. light rum
6 oz. milk
1 whole egg
1 tsp powdered sugar

Shake all ingredients (except nutmeg) with ice and strain into a collins glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve.

Growing up we always put vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg IN the egg nog so I'll probably do that.


  • I have to admit that I eat raw eggs all the time (cookie dough!!). The risk is that you never know if an egg has salmonella. Most do not but you always have the risk that one might so it is safer to cook your eggs. With egg nog you can beat your eggs well and heat your milk to the point of scalding. Then pour the eggs into the heated milk while stirring to be sure your eggs do not scramble. Good luck!
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    Ohhh, so it's like E. Coli... it's not IN the egg, it COULD be in the egg? I didn't know that. :happy: That's another thing! Cookie dough! My bf gives me crap for eating raw eggs and I'm like "uh... I've eaten a LOT of raw cookie dough, I think I'll be fine." I was just curious! Thanks.
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    I don't like eggnog, but I just wanted to say if raw eggs were really dangerous I'd be long dead - as much cookie dough and cake batter as I've eaten in my life? Sheeeuuute! :laugh:

    JK ... I'm sure there are legitimate concerns with raw eggs. But I also think that stuff like this can get really blown out of proportion. You know, the way one person out of a bajillion on the planet took some Alka Seltzer cold medicine and then had a stroke afterwards, so they took it off the market and totally reformulated it?

    Maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist ... I dunno ... :wink:
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    Its never too early for nog!

    The short answer is you can get salmonella from egg nog made with raw eggs.

    Here's what the USDA has to say about it:

    "No one should eat foods containing raw eggs. This includes "health food" milk shakes made with raw eggs, Caesar salad, Hollandaise sauce, and any other foods like homemade mayonnaise, ice cream, or eggnog made from recipes in which the egg ingredients are not cooked. However, in-shell pasteurized eggs may be used safely without cooking. "

    That said, many people (present company included) chose not to heed those warnings. Just know that you are "engaging in risky behaviour". ^.~
  • I was a strange strange child and would eat raw eggs and never got sick from it. It may be possible that the alcohol in egg nog kills the germs??? I found this through google:

    "However the truth is that salmonella is generally a benign self-limiting illness in healthy people. The key principle to keep in mind here is that if you are healthy a salmonella infection is not a big deal. You may feel sick and have loose stools for a day or 2, but this infection is easily treated by using high-quality probiotics which contain friendly bacteria. Take some probiotics every 30 minutes until you start to feel better, and in most cases your condition will improve within a few hours.

    The risk of salmonella infection is usually only present in traditionally raised commercial hens. If one purchases ones eggs from healthy chickens, the risk of infection is dramatically reduced. It's important to note that only sick chickens lay salmonella-contaminated eggs. If you purchase high quality, cage-free, organically fed, chicken eggs, the risks are dramatically reduced."
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    Well there ya go! All my eggs come from cage-free chickens!
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    Anyone ever try making it with egg beaters? I've never seen in-shell pasturized eggs....
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    I've always just used a whisk to beat the eggs and we always used buttermilk to make it thicker.
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    I fell in love with SILK's version of egg nog. No fat & just yummyness. I can't eat raw eggs because it grosses me out.

    Everyone I know that has made egg nog has heated their eggs with the milk to a very high temp where they aren't raw anymore.
  • Nog is your friend!!