Diabetes Fundraiser

Hey Everyone!

I am walking in this years STEP OUT: Walk to fight Diabetes. It is the American Diabetes Assocation's biggest fundraiser.

I have included a link to my personal page. Please take a look, and if you feel so inclined, help support my cause! Even $1.00 would be amazing!

thank you everyone!!



  • gabbygirl37_2001
    gabbygirl37_2001 Posts: 93 Member
    thanks for doing this....my son has type 1 diabetes...and hes 19 now. Was diagnosed since he was 9 years old. 4-6 injections a day, depending on the day. Its hard, and I would do anything in the world to take this horrible illness away from him. Thank you for raising money for a good cause!
  • thanx for doing this my mom has been a diabetic since she was very young.. we are talking about going up to do the walk.. we are not sure yet cause it is just bout 2 hrs away from us.. but if we dont we will donate something... oh and she is on the insulin pump n has been for bout 9 years now
  • jlsoules
    jlsoules Posts: 86 Member
    Thank you so much for what you're doing!! My mom and I are walking this weekend for the JDRF in Dexter, MI and then again in a couple of weeks at another one in Royal Oak, MI.

    My mom was diagnosed two years ago, yes that's right at age 53 they diagnosed her with type 1 diabetes. The thought is that she had it for a couple of years and was never diagnosed, she's had a lot of symptoms and different autoimmune disorders for a few years now. We're thankful they finally figured out what it was!! She has told me that she used to pray that anything else happen to her but not diabetes. And then she ends up with it! She also has a pump now, got that about a year ago! She likes it, makes it a little easier but still prays for a cure someday.

    So sad to see all the people with it and to know there is no cure. Anything I can do to help my mom and all the other people, including walking and raising money for research!! Good luck to you and I wish you and all the other families out there a cure someday, hopefully while we are still around!!