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Decoding the subject:
- In my 50s
- Have dropped 50 lbs
- Have 50 lbs more to go

No magical weight loss plan ... just old fashioned quality food, proper quantities, and daily exercise.
Due to a dodgy knee, I can't run, but I am walking everywhere I can. I started at 1-2 miles per day, and now I'm averaging 5.
I'm now also getting in 3 days of strength work ... ramping that one up slowly to prevent overdoing it, getting injured, and setting myself back.

Here's the before/after photo on the 50 lb drop (before photo taken slightly before I hit my peak weight):


NOTE: If the link doesn't work, the same photo is visible in my profile.

I have some great MFP friends, who have been cheering me on. I don't know if I would have made such progress if I had done this on my own.

As I hit the second half of the journey, I'm interesting in teaming up with a few more people who have gotten this far, or are even closer to the goal. The first 50 has be relatively easy for me, but I'm not expecting the same from the second. I'm especially interested in hearing from those aged 40+, who know (via experience) that the body doesn't function as smoothly as it did in our 20s, even with the same level of enthusiasm as we had in our youth.

Cheers ...


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    This is wonderful!!! You are doing so well, and you look great, too!!! Congrats on all your progress.
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    I'm not in your age group (about to turn 31), but the reminder I always get from my informal health gurus is that nutrition is half the battle. Eff what people say about a slowed metabolism. Eff the fact that, for some of us (not you, necessarily), when we get older our knees don't function as well or we can't perform like The Hulk. Get some physical activity in, even if it's 30 minutes a day of walking. Other than that, figure out your BMR and TDEE and eat under maintenance. You'll keep losing and feeling great.

    For myself, the second half of the battle was hard for at least two reasons. For one, you just aren't losing it like when you were bigger or obese or whatever. For two, you're probably starting to feel good about yourself and are starting to make excuses like, "I look good enough" (not necessarily an excuse, but one I used), "I can't get any smaller," whatever. Just be CONSISTENT. Consistency is the hardest part for me, especially having almost no willpower.

    You can do it, godd@mnit! We're all proud of you!
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    I'm so happy for your progress you look fantastic!! Love the comparison pictures. Keep up the awesome work.
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    Amazing change. Thanks for sharing with us, man.
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    You're a great example. I'm older than you and 30- /50+, but lots of similarities. I'm walking because my knees (and age, probably) can't handle running, I started at 1 mile and hope to ramp up to 5 miles before long, and working out with weights in the gym. It's nice to see someone else on the same road. :flowerforyou:
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    Keep up the great work!! I am also in my 50's, have lost 51 pounds as of today, but have 99 more pounds to go. Doing it the same way you are. Good luck on your next 50.
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    fantastic job, you surely do not look 50 but you can see the 50 lb loss on you. congrats to you!!
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    Well done... started at 48...now 52...165 down..20 or so to go.. You will get this..you are going at it the right way...it will take more time than you hope..but it is so doable
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    Many thanks for all the feedback and support!