crock pot ideas

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I finally got a crock pot, after not having one for YEARS now.

anyone want to share some good healthy recipes ?



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    I am interested in this as well.
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    I do tons in the crockpot. The easiest thing I do is:

    3 Boneless Skinless checken breasts
    1 Jar Hot salsa.

    Cook on low 8-10 or high 5-6 hours. Shred the chicken and mix with liquid in the crock pot.

    Even if you're not into hot salsa - I'd recommend it. Mild or medium salsas have their flavor cooked away to nothingness ....

    We'll use this for Burritos, Tacos, Queselillas, sandwiches .. we always have some of this on hand for an quick easy protein.
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    I've been having fun experimenting with mine and have found lots of great ideas over at:

    (when I first saw the title I thought it said crackpot ideas and was pumped up for some good old Dr Oz bashing! :laugh: :laugh: )
  • Yes! Chicken breast with salsa! AMAZING! Also, not sure if you have ever used any of the "Mrs. Dash" seasoning, but it's all sodium free! So we do a lot of chicken with those seasonings as well! Love it! :)
    Meat balls are another fun one to make in the crock pot as well!