What's Your Trouble Spot?

We all have an area of our body that irks us, or takes the longest to get into shape while everything else is getting predictably smaller or smoother.

What's yours?

I'm not intending this to be a self-hate body shaming thread, just a "you're not alone! Everybody has their thing!" kind of thread.

My area is the back of my upper thighs. I noticed that weight loss and weight lifting helped tremendously, but I thought the dimples and creases would have worked themselves out by my goal weight. Not so much!

On the flip side, I started to really like my shoulders and calves. I didn't think that either of those areas would be worth noticing before.


  • Amandawith3kids
    Amandawith3kids Posts: 367 Member
    my tummy has always been my nemesis, even when i was thin before i had kids. if i could wave a magic wand and lose the mommy tummy, i'd be really happy with my shape. i've never had a bikini ready tummy. not that i wore them anyway, but still.
  • TheGymGypsy
    TheGymGypsy Posts: 1,023 Member
    Love handles and hip dip. :(
  • wyattj99
    wyattj99 Posts: 454 Member
    Lower back - love handles...and just the one side is worse than the other :/
  • under arms! they drive me crazy, but unfortunately my mother tells me "it runs in the family"

    NOT FOR LONG, MOTHER.:laugh:
  • brynnsmom
    brynnsmom Posts: 945 Member
    Tummy, for sure. I'm short AND short-waisted.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    My arms are the worst (bingo wings) but they were horrible even at my heaviest and I prefer my current weight, of course. Second would be the belly roll, I have the dreaded B shaped belly and the bottom half has gotten much smaller and flatter. But the top, still pretty awful although at least it's looking much better in clothing.

    I like my legs and back and bum now.
  • kmglennie
    kmglennie Posts: 40
    Thighs! Forever thighs! I don't hate them as much as I once did, because they're also strong, but yeah.