Strength Training

I have a question about logging strength training/weight lifting. For those of you who do log it, do you count the entire time you are working out and lifting (including rest), or do you subtract out all of the rest time between sets and only count the time you are physically lifting?


  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    I count the entire time, including rests.
  • whitebalance
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    I count the whole time. The database entry I use for "intense" strength training is about 5kcal/minute for me... I burn 6kcal/minute using a hula hoop and about 5kcal/minute doing a reasonably vigorous Pilates mat sequence. Instinct tells me a weight session should yield a greater burn than those activities, and experience doesn't seem to have contradicted me yet.
  • ottermotorcycle
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    Count the whole time, especially if you're using MFP, because it drastically underestimates your strength training calorie burn. Besides, the greatest benefit of strength training while in a deficit is that it continues to burn when you are at rest, even long after your workout, so you're still burning the calories when you're resting between sets. Does that make sense?
  • sassyfrass9
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    Thank you both for the advice! I have been counting the entire time but just wanted some more opinions on that method. :)
  • sassyfrass9
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    Yes that makes perfect sense! I had read about the long-lasting burn several places so it makes sense to count my rest time, also. Thank you!