Calculating Calories burned from Exercising

I am finding that MFP does not have a lot of the exercises I do at home... I do home boot camp workouts which involve exercises such as toe touches, straight leg raises, lunges, planks, bicycles etc....

*Does anyone recommend a specific website for calculating individual exercises?*

Has anyone tried the following site I found today:
If so, what is your opinion?!

I'm wondering how accurate it is... part of my 1/2 hour workout involves 45 vigorous full situps and this site tells me that the situps alone burned 365 calories... that seems unbelievable to me...



  • F00LofaT00K
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    Everything is always an estimate when it comes to calories since no two people have exactly the same metabolism. I am unsure of the best site to use, but I vote that you pick a site that seems realistic to you and start by eating back half of the calories you burn. See how your weight loss goes. If you're losing faster than you want, then eat back more exercise calories. If your losing slower than you'd like, then eat fewer of the estimated exercise calories. Weight loss has taken a bit or trial and error for me to find what works best for me and I see a lot of other people saying the same thing on here.
  • Eric_DeCastro
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    you can try a heart rate monitor. it can calculate your calories burned by your heart rate, height, weight and gender.
  • scubasuenc
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    Heart rate monitors are most accurate for steady state cardio activities like running, cycling, etc. Not as good for any type of activity where your heart rate goes up and down frequently. Not sure how well they would do for exercise DVDs. That said while it still might be off, it will probably be lower the MFPs numbers.
  • m00tmike
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    When I do workouts like this I just log it as "calisthenics" and I only actually log like 10cal/minute if I feel like I busted my butt. In the end the HRM is the best/easiest way to measure calories burned.