Is anyone having cheat meals now and then?



  • jtgcm
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    Yup! My entire day yesterday was full of crappy food :) It happens.
  • hgycta
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    I'll be having my first scheduled cheat meal on Sunday :) An order of Cinnamon Supreme Hotcakes from Bob Evans, which is 1,169 calories! This isn't nearly as bad as some of the binges I've had in the past, but my boyfriend is obsessed with that place, mainly for those pancakes. He's been begging me to try them, so I decided to save some calories throughout the week for them, and by the end of today I should have enough to consume the meal without having to make any of it up afterwards :) I'm set for maintenance, so I'll probably be stuffed that day! Normally I don't really like "cheat meals," but it's his birthday, so I figured why not?
  • gringuitica
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    I have what you call cheat meals, and my weight-loss has continued on a steady decline over time (though not always week-to-week). Long story short, they'll affect your weight-loss short term: when you eat more, you're at less of a deficit. But if you don't go hog wild (say, 5,000 cals over your goal) and bump up your activity level just a bit during the week (or eat just 100 cals under goal for a few days) you'll quickly compensate for your cheat meal.

    And even if you do go completely crazy with the cheesy, fatty, sugary and alcohol-soaked deliciousness of a cheat meal, you'll gain a half-pound or pound this week and work it back off again in another week or two. Your weight-loss probably won't be linear anyway.

    So back to your original question: does it speed up or slow down your weight-loss? I guess that's up to you – how much you cheat and how well you compensate for it.
  • mbhooker
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    Cheat meals are a must to keep you on track so you don't go off altogether. Yes most definitely log your meal. It sounds like you are planning it correctly, extra work out, looking over menu now and planning. Sometimes I think a cheat meal helps my weight loss, tricks my metabolism. BTW I am speaking with experience, 48 lbs loss in 15 mos only 4 lbs to go to hit goal.
  • StephyA86
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    When I was steadily losing weight (before I fell off that flippin' wagon), I would have a splurge meal once a week. My splurge was almost always Saturdays.

    Honestly, my splurge evolved with my weight loss. In the beginning, it was an all-day free for all, but when the weight loss started slowing, I changed it to one meal a week. It kept me sane and let me relax a little on the weekends. If I was really craving something, it was the "light at the end of the diet tunnel" on Saturdays. ;) There were also times it reminded me of why I ENJOY eating healthier because a calorie heavy meal sometimes made me feel like crud afterwards.

    I don't think cheat days or splurges are for everyone. I had a friend who COULD NOT deviate from her diet, because it was just a spiral into unhealthy eating the next day, and the next and so on. I could handle a piece of chocolate cake on Saturday and wake up to egg whites the next day just fine.

    Now that I'm back on the wagon, do I plan to splurge on Saturdays? I believe so, but I plan to be thoughtful about it by tracking it and maybe adding extra time onto my work out that day. What's that saying? Everything in moderation. :)
  • Tanya949
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    The only cheating would be if you didn't track it in your food diary.

    I enjoyed my bourbon last night, but I tracked it :)

  • gameshowfan91
    I do cheat days. It has been 1 cheat day/week so far. It hasn't gotten me off wagon.
  • BlueBombers
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    Hell yeah, usually a couple a week.

    Yes, I log them and I haven't gained weight because of them.
  • Francl27
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    I have one once in a while (starting to be once in a week lately, got to nip that in the bud). Effects vary, but I'm still losing, so it can't be that bad, right?

    I log everything, and typically only go for things I really want, but haven't been able to fit in my diary. Usually it's not a whole meal though, I just get dessert... because it's really the only thing I love enough to want to go over for. If it was the whole meal, I'd be logging 4000 calories instead of 2500... just not really worth it for me.

    I'll add that if I want anything, I typically put it in my calories though, it's just those pesky restaurant desserts that don't always fit. Typically I don't plan them but if we go out to eat and it's a place that has tasty desserts, I'm more likely to give in (hence the once a week cheat lately, and why I should stay away from restaurants).

    I do have two more cheat meals planned though... Next week for my anniversary, and in 3 weeks for my birthday. That's about it.
  • HerpDerp745
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    I can't afford cheat meals. I couldn't imagine what would happen if I let Bane best me again.
  • momma2azoo
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    I know it's just semantics to a certain extent, but I hate the term 'cheat' days.

    I love food. Without food, we'd all be dead. Eating isn't cheating. Eating is necessary and just a matter of choices. I choose to eat super healthy all week. On the weekends, I relax and eat what I want. I have no problem eating healthy and really cutting calories during the week so I can enjoy some less healthy more calorie dense foods on the weekend (or whenever, in my normal day to day life it works out well to relax on weekends). It's good for me physically because the vast majority of my diet is very healthy and it's good for me mentally because I have eliminated that burdensome feeling of being on an overly restrictive 'diet'. I'm in this for life, not for the duration of a 'diet'. There are a lot of (high cal, low nutritional value) foods I have no intention of giving up. It's my job to make responsible choices so I can incorporate those foods into my life and still be healthy and reach my goals.

    I'm almost 40lbs down and still loosing weight and gaining better fitness. I sure wouldn't push how I eat on anyone else. I don't have any eating disorders and I love such a huge variety of food (a curse and a blessing, ha) that it's easy for me to find a healthy balance. I'm also very, very numbers and goals oriented. I find having my cake, and getting to eat it too, as great and entertaining a challenge as running!
  • Aihs123
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    My cheat meals are kinda spontaneous. I mean, I keep them to once a week, but I find it frustrating to plan (the anticipation). I would only log it to see how much damage I did, but it's not that important to me. It actually helps me lose weight most times. I workout some cheat days and not others. It's up to you.
  • ilmafirin
    About 5 years ago, I dropped 25 pounds in 4 or 5 months. I always had an "off" day, when I ate whatever I wanted without thinking about it, drank pop and everything. It never really affected my weight loss, and having a day when I could eat things that didn't fit into my diet always helped me stick to my diet because I never felt like I was deprived.
  • ThatSoundsHard
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    I don't have "cheat" meals or days but there are plenty of times where I eat too much. It's all good.
  • lovelayla
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    I eat whatever I want daily,With the exception of booze. I try to limit my drinking to twice a week.
  • Laughter_Girl
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    I don't feel like I'm cheating, but I make a choice to eat what I like on Saturdays without actually counting the calories. I log every bite, and I do not overindulge. When I feel satisfied, I push my plate away.
  • ashleycde
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    I personally do not believe in the idea of "cheat meals" or "cheat days" as I think the negative connotation surrounding the term "cheating" psychologically induces feelings of guilt and remorse. I am naturally a very goal oriented person, so I prefer to reward myself with decadent foods and wine because I am seeing results, as opposed to feeling that I have to "cheat" in order to satisfy myself. If I know I am going to have a bottle of wine while out for dinner that night, I make lighter choices throughout the day and work my buns off through high intensity exercise so that I deserve that rare steak and Merlot, and maybe some escargot in a garlic butter as well, or what ever it may be that I'm having. I try to always stay within my calorie goal, but I also don't kick myself if I go over sometimes because I know I am still remaining within a deficit overall. I also allow myself to eat what ever I want in moderation so that I don't feel the need to "cheat," as I also associate the term with dieting, and I prefer to think that I am making the necessary changes towards eating whole foods and living an overall healthier lifestyle, not "dieting."
  • x7xemilyx7x
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    Hello :) I have a cheat meal about once every 3 weeks (sometimes turns into a whole day of eating what I like!) But I always go straight back to what I should be eating the day after.

    Do I feel guilty about it? No.
    Does it affect my weight loss? First few days is usually water weight but other than that I have not had any gains or problems with having a 'cheat' meal or day.

    Having these treats as part of my routine really helps me .. I get my food 'fix' and then move on :)

    Enjoy life!
  • ntftnm
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    Yes, I have cheat meals, but even my cheat meals seem to be healthier than they once were...small sandwich instead of large, no fries, extra water. When I want something I try to stop and think about it first, do I really want that seen in my diary? Sometimes I am surprised when I have a cheat meal (often times its fast food) and am still able to fit it into my calories. I think that cheat meals do help me to lose weight, sometimes I like to not cook, or have to clean it all up, or plan ahead. Being a little more relaxed with my eating has helped make this a lifestyle change instead of 2 week torture and fail-thing like past attempts to lose weight. I say eat it, log it, learn from it, and change it a little next time...this is a time to be proud of yourself for trying to change, not torture. :happy:
  • jtyler83
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    Lol at all the PC bull****. It's a ****ing cheat meal. That what it is. Whatever you decide to call it doesn't change what it is.

    Carry on.

    pretty much agree with this. if you're cheating, you're cheating.
    it's not necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely goes against your diet!