100lbs gone w/ pix. :)

So glad I can finally share this! Been trying to get to 100lbs lost for a month now, kept teetering between the same 5lb up and down. I think I've officially reached it, so here's a pic!! Lot's of cardio (mostly walking/running/elliptical), only recently started strength training. Just praying I can keep it all going. Still have another 100 to lose!



  • Super_Amy
    Super_Amy Posts: 97 Member
    Oh my goodness! Keep up the good work.
  • Well done! You look great!
  • chunkybun
    chunkybun Posts: 179 Member
    Crazy awesome transformation! Well done!
  • taekwondomom1961
    taekwondomom1961 Posts: 8 Member
    Girl, you look FREAKING AWESOME!!! Way to go! Keep up the good work! :happy:
  • sbro32
    sbro32 Posts: 130 Member
    You look beautiful! Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment!
  • sunflowerhippi
    sunflowerhippi Posts: 1,086 Member
    Way to go! You obviously have motivation so you will do fine on the rest.
  • Eric_DeCastro
    Eric_DeCastro Posts: 767 Member
    good job keep up the good work.
  • TexasDarling09
    TexasDarling09 Posts: 210 Member
    Thanks y'all!! I about peed myself when I got on the scale this morning! I'm technically below the 100lb point, but I didn't want to be greedy because I tend to fluctuate 2lbs or so. So 100 it is! lol
  • dawndovell
    dawndovell Posts: 48 Member
    Well done! You are doing amazing.
  • mschwei1
    mschwei1 Posts: 7 Member
    Wow! What an inspiration.
  • chubbs43
    chubbs43 Posts: 24
    You should be so proud,keep up the great work!
  • cnavarro002
    cnavarro002 Posts: 235 Member
    So awesome!!!! How long did it take you??? Any tips???
  • TexasDarling09
    TexasDarling09 Posts: 210 Member
    So awesome!!!! How long did it take you??? Any tips???

    Somewhere between 15 and 17 months. I had several times in that period where I didn't necessarily "give up" but I definitely wasn't trying. Hmm, tips I'd say would be learn your body. I knew after a few months exactly how much water weight I fluctuated, when I would tend to gain a few lbs due to montly cycle, and once I learned that, it wouldn't discourage me when I saw an increase on the scale. Also WATER WATER WATER. lol I can't emphasize that enough. And what has pushed me to start losing agian after a long plateau was strength training (at least, I think so). Christmas of 2013 I was 287, now I'm at 265. So 22lbs in 2.5 months after I started strength training.
  • kasaz
    kasaz Posts: 274 Member
    Good for you. You're looking great. Keep it up, you're young and life will be so much more fun for you fit and healthy.
  • healthykaitlin
    healthykaitlin Posts: 91 Member
    Congrats!! You look great!
  • Kate741
    Kate741 Posts: 12 Member
    Thank you for the inspiration. I am just starting again and feeling a little overwhelmed.
  • stanvoodoo
    stanvoodoo Posts: 1,023 Member
    You look so wonderful!!!

    Super big congrats on your success!!

    Keep it going!!!
  • NewCaddy
    NewCaddy Posts: 845 Member
    Wow...what great progress. Good for you...you look great!
  • amazing well done :smile:
  • Mgregory723
    Mgregory723 Posts: 529 Member
    Awesome! Congrats to you!!
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