Do goal weights need to be within the healthy range?

So I've lost more or less 95 pounds, and I've yet to lose around 5 more just to be within the healthy BMI range (which I know is inferior than getting the body fat percentage). Because of the amount of fat I've lost, my skin has become unattractively saggy, and I've been thinking lately that losing more weight would mean that it's gonna look so much worse.

Everyone told me that my current weight looks good, although technically, I'm still overweight. So I'm thinking, what if I just maintain this weight?

If you were in my shoes, what would you do, assuming that tummy tucks are out of the picture?


  • IrishGabriella
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    I don't think BMIs are accurate, the range is too big. If you're happy with your weight now then forget about trying to lose the last 5lbs.
  • erickirb
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    Its your goal set it at what you wish, though I would suggest setting a goal bf% in a healthy range, regardless what your bmi ends up
  • David_AUS
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    It sounds like you have come a long way. To me it sounds like a good time to let your body to stabilise a little, I am not sure how bad the sagging skin is. Some people are prone to it or as a combination of rapid weight loss. Maybe give your body a chance to see if it can catch up a little. Eat maintenance calories to prevent weight loss but keep up exercise for fitness and strength is my opinion.
  • ell_v131
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    wow, what a success! I'm sorry that your body doesn't look the way you hoped it would, but you must feel so much fitter now! I would second the suggestion to find your maintenance now and focus on recomposition. It can take a few years, but a lot on people's skin goes back to normal or semi normal. Buy a good hydrating lotion - nothing too expensive - to help with the elasticity, drink a lot of water. If you hadn't yet, pick up strenght training, or continue to push yourself if you already are in the gym. Eating at maintenance while working out will still give your body a chance to get rid of some fat (so your body fat % will go down) and also give your body time to adjust.

    WIsh you a lot of success!
  • Francl27
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    Well, if you're happy, you don't have to go under... but it's still not as healthy if your body fat is too high. Typically if you have more muscle, BMI isn't accurate, but considering you've just lost a lot of weight, it's doubtful that it's the case.

    The way I see it... my stomach will never look good (or my thighs and arms really). But I can make the rest look good... and healthier. My doctor was happy when I reached 152 lbs, I'm at 136 now and still aiming for 130.
  • cwolfman13
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    Its your goal set it at what you wish, though I would suggest setting a goal bf% in a healthy range, regardless what your bmi ends up

    Yeah, this^^^^
  • SugarLou57
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    It sounds to me like you might just need a little break; take some time to enjoy your huge weight loss which is also a huge health gain. Maintain this and come back to the BMI issue in a while, a couple of weeks or months and see how you feel then. You may find yourself reinvigorated at having a new goal to tackle.
  • DrJenO
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    My initial target goal is actually a good 10-15lbs above 'healthy' BMI range for me. I had been there about 10 years ago, and felt and looked really good.

    I'm going to see what the years have done to me, and what I look like at the same weight again this time, then I will make a decision about further losses. I may take the advice of some on here and take a break from "weight loss" mode, but still eat to maintain weight and exercise to maintain fitness.

    Congrats on your weight loss!
  • fificrazy
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    Every body has their own weight set point. And, like you wouldn't try to force your foot into a size 9 shoe if you wore size 11s, I think it also makes perfect sense to stop the weight loss process if your weight is something you can maintain on an unrestricted amount of calories (2,500-3,000 depending on age/gender.) Forcing your body to fit into a certain range is unhealthy and can impact your health- metabolically, skeletally, even internally when it comes to your organs (being underweight for YOUR body regrdless of the BMI scale can cause digestive issues like IBS.)