Quest Bars? Thoughts and ideas welcome

I will be attending ECCC at the end of the month and I'm looking for things to pack in my bag to eat throughout the day. By doing this I hope to not be standing in lines for food that really isn't going to be the best for my goals. I'm not a big breakfast eater and rather have something with protein as in a bar or a premade EAS protein shake. I also plan on saving most of my calories for the evening since we will be eating out in Seattle.

I have heard of Quest Bars, but haven't tried them. What are your thoughts? I have tried Luna bars, but only used them once in a while. I have tried Kind bars, but I wasn't impressed.

Thanks for your impute!


  • JimiB73
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    I personally love them. Few ingredients, high in protein and fiber. I love the chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream flavor. I also enjoy white chocolate raspberry and apple pie. Go to GNC and buy a couple to try them for yourself. I think you'll enjoy them.
  • mypersonalfitnessjourney
    I absolutely LOVE them. My favorite flavors are Cookies & Cream, Cinnamon Roll, and Chocolate Brownie. I personally find that the fruit ones (White Chocolate Raspberry, Apple Pie, Banana Bread, etc) are way too sweet for me. But if you prefer your snacks on the sweeter side, I'm sure you'd enjoy those flavors much more than I did. Quest bars are great straight out of the wrapper, but they are absolute HEAVEN when you warm them up in the microwave (sans wrapper) for 10-15 seconds. Enjoy!
  • JDubIsShrinking
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    I'm a new convert to Quest Bars. What the above poster said - few ingredients, high protein... oh... and they're delicious. They're not just "oh this is pretty good for a protein bar" kind of delicious. Seriously REALLY tasty. I look forward to that chocolate chip cookie dough bar all day. Please go to GNC and pick up a couple to try!
  • cinico
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    I like them as well! Chocolate brownie heated for a few seconds is yummy!
  • lin7604
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    LOVE THEM!!!
  • tayloryay
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    I tried them because of the hype and honestly thought they were just ok. It's more the texture than the flavor. They were pretty tasty, but also kind of grainy and overly dense. I'm not entirely sure how to describe it, really. I tried the cinnamon roll flavor heated up, and it tasted great, but the texture was odd, and I tried strawberry cheesecake right out of the package and it was just ok on both fronts. My husband tried the banana nut flavor (cold) and said it wasn't very flavorful, and he really didn't like the texture. He almost didn't finish it. The biggest issue I have with them is the price! I didn't want to order a whole box so I went to a nutrition store in town and they were $2.60 a bar!! Not worth it for that price.
  • WVprankster
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  • angel7472
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    For the calories and nutrients you get they really cant be beat. As for taste Im a chocoholic and they satisfy my nightly chocolate craving. Yes they do have they protein bar taste they of course are that. If you can grasp the idea that is what they are you will be fine.
    I find that I have an intolerance to sugar alcohols which is used as a sweetener in most of the other protein bars. If I eat one daily it feels like someone is jumping on my stomach and stabbing me with a knife. Which led me to Quest.
    Also for 170 calories and 20g of protein I find it easily fits my macros without trying to jump through hoops to try and fit them in.
    GNC is good in a pinch but they are much cheaper on their website. Personally my favs are the double chocolate chunk, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate brownie and cookies and cream.
  • cwolfman13
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    I have heard of Quest Bars, but haven't tried them. What are your thoughts?

    They're fine I suppose as far as protein bars go...but I really don't understand why so man people get wood for these things. The way people gush over these things on MFP, you'd think they were doing other things with them besides eating them.

    Then again, I'm just not really that big a fan of this kind of stuff in general and usually only eat stuff like this when I'm out on a hike or long ride or something and need transportable food.

    I take Cliff bars on my long rides....they work better for me for that purpose because I need the carbs on a long ride.
  • LaurenMariex33
    I definitely recommend the chocolate cookie dough ones! I think I loved the chocolate peanut butter one, but it's been awhile so I can't remember if that was it. What does everyone else think of the chocolate peanut butter quest bars?
  • Francl27
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    I like them... for the protein and fiber. Taste wise, it doesn't compare at all to Luna or Kind bars, IMO (although the only Kind bars I've tried are the apricot/almond ones and I'm totally in love... too bad their protein sucks).
  • establishingaplace
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    I tried the cinnamon roll one once. It was awful. I would try others just to try them, but the texture is off-putting to me. I like Kind bars, and Larabars (which don't have much protein). Anything else is either gross to me or gives me heartburn...sad but true.

    Can you make protein bars to take with you? Or protein cakes/donuts/whatever?
  • seashell709
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    thanks for all the ideas. I will go get some to try out before i buy a whole box
  • tayloryay
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    Can't edit so I'll add here, my husband actually DIDN'T finish that banana nut Quest bar. Also I finally realized what the exterior texture reminds me of. Laffy Taffy candy!! They have that same shiny, slick, sticky finish as Laffy Taffy. Really odd. They may not have as good of a "nutritional profile" but I highly prefer Luna or Odwalla bars.
  • cathipa
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    Just tried one today and I must say it was probably the best protein bar I've had. Heated a few seconds eliminates the after taste. I had cashew coconut and it was like eating cookie dough. I will definitely try other flavors!
  • jessica51202
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    go to their website and email them. they will send you 2 free ones to try :)

    that being said, I got the choc chip cookie dough & vanilla almond. I am in the minority here and found the cookie dough bar hard to finish. But the vanilla almond was awesome. I should have known better because i'm not a huge chocolate lover...definitely more vanilla for me.

    their customer service is awesome. and a quick turn around too :)
  • Masq
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    I must be an odd duck,.... I bought three quest bars to try because a lot of people on MFP seem to enjoy them. The first one I tried was chocolate brownie. I couldn't finish it..... the texture and the chalky taste was awful! Threw about a 1/4 of it in the trash.
    Today, I tried a second one.... the peanut butter cup. Took one bite, spit it out and threw the rest in the trash. YUCK!!
    I'm not even going to try the third bar.....I'm taking it back and exchanging it for a LUNA bar that I know I'll eat and enjoy!
    Sorry to be negative, but I just don't like these bars! :ohwell:
  • Mario_Az
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    They are awesome chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Four_Leaf_Clover
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    I think the flavor is good, but the texture if a bit sticky and offputting for me (Laffy Taffy as someone mentioned or the original Power Bars) - but great macros.

    Another bar I are ThinkThin bars - they have 20 grams of protein per bar and are extremely filling IMHO.
    I like their chunky peanut butter flavor.
  • missabeez
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    So far I've tried 5 flavors.
    I really hated cookies a d cream
    Chocolate peanut butter and cookie dough were okay
    Brownie and double chocolate were pretty good after being microwaved for 10 seconds.

    I would prefer my homemade bars and don't see the hype of these bars.