How do you eat what you want and lose weight??



  • kit_liu
    kit_liu Posts: 22 Member
    Balance and moderation. I eat pretty much what I want, just keeping to my calorie intake. Just eat more filling foods, I've neatly stopped the junk food that I was eating a lot of and am now eating more fruit/veg and protein. Stick close as possible to the macros.
  • scoutli
    scoutli Posts: 33 Member
    Another yogurt comment: 60 calories per yogurt? I assume it is fat-free with so few calories. Try 2% or even whole milk Greek yogurt. Lots of protein and some fat to keep you satisfied. You won't feel the need to eat 4 in one day, I promise.
  • scoutli
    scoutli Posts: 33 Member
    On that note, I avoid "fat free" foods (cheeses, yogurts, cookies, etc.) as I am always starving within 30 minutes of eating them. Allow yourself some fat to feel satisfied.
  • elfram2
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    my wife enjoys a cheeseburger just about every day.

    Sara Lee - 45 Calories & Deightful Wheat Bread, 2 Slices (45g) 90 5 1 2 0 19
    Velveeta Slices Original--19 g - Single Cheese Slice, 1 Slice 35 3 2 2 5 3
    Lauras's Lean Beef - 92% Lean Hamburger Patty, 4 ounces 160 21 9 0 60 0

    total 285 cal 29 protein 12 fat 4 sugar 65 chol 22 carbs

    I also love a serving of green beans. 4 oz for 40 cal.
  • victoria_1024
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    I've been eating cadbury dark chocolate mini eggs literally every day for the past 2 weeks and have still been losing weight! I love those stupid things.

    First of all, I exercise to get extra calories. I figure if I'm doing the work, I should get to treat myself. Second of all, I eat well during the rest of my day so that I can enjoy the treat. And lastly, I eat it in moderation. Instead of grabbing a handful of chocolate eggs, I count out 4 just to get my chocolate fix. I usually eat around 1600 calories a day and I have no problem fitting treats into my day.

    There are certain foods I haven't really eaten much of, like pizza and fast food. I know that I *could* eat it once in a while, but to me I don't crave it enough to justify all the extra calories. I'd rather eat healthy meals and treat myself with chocolate. Or if I crave pizza, we do homemade pizza.
  • Mistyvs
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    I eat pretty much whatever I want. Moderation is definitely the key. If I want a cookie, then I'm going to spend the 200 calories on a cookie and make room for it. I'll also work it off at the gym or walk or run around the neighborhood.