Final pounds

cocolo89 Posts: 1,171 Member
I am left with about 6 lbs until my goal weight. I have been struggling for months to get rid of these 6lbs. Was feeling really discouraged for a while and got lazy with finishing my diary logs, but I am back on it for real now. Anyone with the same goals as me? I am 5'5 at about 130-131, goal weight is 124-125. I was there before couple years ago, then got pregnant and my son is now 14months old. Really been struggling getting this weight off. I need some advice. I tried increased calories at about 1700. Then I decreased to 1300, worked for a while and I stalled again, then I increased to 1500, didn't see any results, gained a pound. Now I decreased to 1430 and set my macros to 35 carbs, 35 protein and 30 fat. I eat fairly healthy, had a bump in the road this last weekend, went to weddings and had other celebrations (anniversary) so my logs are not complete. MY diary should be public. I exercise regularly. I just don't know what else to do. I will see how this plays out I guess. Feel free to request as friend if you are working off the final pounds