Need New Suggestions Please

So I've been working out on the tredmill almost everyday since January for a total of 60mins every time and along with that, I've recently started on the elliptical doing anywhere from 20-25mins. With the 2 combined I've been burning anywhere from 830 - 1030 calories...depending on how good I feel that day.

But at this point I feel like I also need to start doing something different as well as I have this fear that I may get tired and bored with doing the same things over and over to where I will eventally gain back my weight in the future in which I absolutely do not want. I originally started my journey on January 21st and so far have shedded 31 pounds and I desperately want and need to keep this train going.

I have ton of weight to lose(150 to be exact) and just need to hear some new suggestions on what I should try out next to help me burn fat because I really have no clue. Thanks:smile: