Focus T25 - Shoe help needed

Can we talk shoes for a few? I started doing Focus T25 today and I've got several pairs of shoes I can be doing this in however my feet are just KILLING ME. It's the cramp-y burn-y pain that threatens PF. All my "breaks" were to uncramp my feet so that I could keep going. It's been an hour and the muscles still feel like they are "humming". I need something that will stabilize my weak ankles (when I run, I over pronate something fierce), keep my feet from being on fire, and not be too clunky. I have relatively normal-high arches.

I currently have (and have used in similar type of exercise with same results):
Nike Free
Brooks Pure Flow (what I used today)
Nike AirPegs (v.28)
Vibram FiveFingers (of all sorts)


  • runner110
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    Hi. You need a pair of cross trainers. I made the same mistake when doing P90X. It makes a huge difference. I used my running shoes and had the same problem you did. My calves cramped and I stopped the workouts. I bought cross trainers and the difference is amazing. I have done Turbofire and just started T25 today with no leg or feet issues. Hope this helps. Good news being cross trainers are much cheaper than running shoes.
  • danger_kitteh
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    What cross trainers did you end up going with?
  • I had the exact same question when I started T25 (I'm finishing Alpha tonight). I started out with my running shoes and immediately had problems in my ankles and knees. After doing some research, I quickly switched to cross training shoes. I like the Nike Flex Supreme TR 2, both for the fit and the price. Occasionally, I also go barefoot. Once I made the switch, the ankle and knee pain went away. Speed 1.0 does aggravate mild PF, but I can easily press pause and walk it out quickly. Hope this helps!
  • ssudfeld
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    I'm so glad i found this post! I too am having foot cramping issues doing T25 in my regular shoes i use for running. I will totally have to get cross trainers or something of the sort! I thought i was alone in this issue due to my over pronating from collapsed arches! Thanks for posting this :)
  • OMG! SO I am so glad I found this thread!!! So cross trainers are the solution? I recently added extra arches to my shoes but it didn't seem to help much... I was beginning to be concerned that I was feeling the T25 workouts in my feet most intensely... I was thinking it was because I haven't worn shoes when exercising for years so it was just the process of getting use to wearing shoes again... guess it is the type of shoes... oooops didn't think of that. I was beginning to be worried that the focus of T25 for me was my feet. Man, what mighty fine toned feet I was going to have. He he... :laugh: Looking forward to Happy Feet! :happy:
  • becujo
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    This happened to me too the first week of doing Alpha workouts. The foot cramps were killer! I had to stop what I was doing and shake the feet for relief and follow the modifier until it eased. It does get easier over time and I didnt have it anymore by the time I reached Beta phase. I have Nike Frees but prefer to wear New Balance WX711 crosstrainer for this workout. Its cushioning and fit works for the versatile moves.
  • Greenrun99
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    Cross trainers!!! and if you need to add some supports in there.