Couch to 5K-New Running Shoes

I am starting to do Couch to 5 K. I have to be choosy about where I run because I can't run on concrete, it really hurts my ankles. So I have been running on the sand that lines the walking path where I live. I also do it on the elliptical. My gym has the type that gives you a lot of freedom in your movement, so for the walking I do almost a stair stepper movement, then for the running, I can actually do a full stride fun on the machine.

I am really excited about this! I have always wanted to be a runner, and I always envied those that are. I really hope that I can keep it up! I am on day 2 week one.

SO it is off to buy some new running shoes tomorrow! Maybe I can find somethign with some favorite color so it will be inspirational!


  • MsLisaB
    MsLisaB Posts: 256
    Congratulations!! :bigsmile:

    I've just started to get back into running myself and, as usually happens, I'm having some issues with shin splints. Luckily there's a huge park near my house so I can do my runs on grass until my shins get used to the running.

    If you can, go to a specialist store for your running shoes and get properly fitted. Poorly fitting shoes are a nightmare!