:drinker: I looking for some low calorie snacks or sweets!!!!! Any suggestions


  • knra_grl
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    I recently bought Jello no sugar added vanilla caramel sundae puddings - 60 calories of yummy deliciousness

    I also like Oikos Greek Yogurt (coconut and raspberry/pomegranate are my favorites)
    Jello no sugar added
    fresh fruit
    I also keep dark chocolate in the freezer
  • FlatTummyTrish
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    I don't know about low cal sweets but I absolutely love rice cakes or crackers with cottage cheese! They're so filling and you feel 'cleaner' after eating them. Apple slices with peanut butter are well known, porridge with chocolate is another one of my faves, it's healthy but still soothes a sweet tooth :)
  • SunofaBeach14
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    Smaller portions of things that actually taste good
  • SharonNehring
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    I'll second greek yogurt with berries and sugar free jello and pudding. But I love Skinny Cow. They have several kinds of ice cream bars (I love the caramel truffle) and crisp bars that are good as candy (chocolate and peanut butter). I like sugar free hard candies as well. My suggestions are based upon my reduced carb restrictions but are lower in calories as well.

    If you're after salty, salsa with whole grain chips, air popped popcorn, nuts and Puffcorn are better options than some.
  • zeal26
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    String cheese
    Sugar free jello
  • carlapendergrass
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    Smaller portions of things that actually taste good

  • beaches61
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    Healthy Choice frozen greek yogurt. Comes in portion packages, 3 tubs to a package, 100 or 110 calories each. Yummy!!!!

    I like skinny cow chocolates, too.

    100-calorie packages of chocolate-covered pretzels or cookies.

    Pepperidge Farm very thin wheat bread with a tablespoon of real fruit strawberry jam.
  • dunnodunno
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    Smaller portions of things that actually taste good

    We have a winner!