Wrist support for weightlifting/push-ups

I do HIIT workouts from bodyrock.tv and there are quite a few moves in plank position as well as various types of push-ups. My wrists are extremely fatigued! I am looking for recommendations for gloves with wrist support. I am thinking gloves because I would like better grip for weights and equalizer but, I am open to suggestions.



  • DavPul
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    It sounds like it may be a flexibility issue. Try doing the pushups and such by holding onto the handles of dumbbells. You can also get pushup stands or the like if your DBs are uncomfortable. The straight position will be much easier on your wrists
  • LiftAllThePizzas
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    What Dave said. I have extremely inflexible wrists and (at first) had a very hard time with exercises that had my hands on the floor.
  • Lizzard_77
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    I am actually hyper mobile so, I am too flexible. Maybe that is the issue. I have tried holding onto my weights while doing the push-ups but I feel very unstable and with the fast paced change-ups in the workouts it is not always an option to do that. Good thoughts though!
  • loriemn
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    try knuckle pushups instead of flat hand,,they hurt your knuckles at first,but you get used to it,,use the first two big knuckles for most of the pressure,,I do these alot as I have carpel tunnel (sp?) and flat hand ones hurt my wrists.These do not as they line up the bones correctly from shoulder to hand.
  • kelly_e_montana
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    I have a wrist injury so I spend a ton of time working on wrist flexibility and mobility. That being said, my ability to do front squats, push ups, etc. has gotten so much better since I purchased sturdy wrist wraps. I tried the whole knuckle push up thing. Not for me. Just finding ways to rehab and support my wrists and wrist wraps are the ticket for me! They make fabric ones, but I like thicker, more rigid wraps. Right now I have women's 12" heavy duty wrist wraps in black and pink from Schiek Sports, and you can buy them on Amazon for about $18.
  • asdelmonte
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    I second the wrist wraps. I have an old wrist injury (no problems with flexibility) and need the support for anything heavy and/ or overhead. I don't like gloves as I feel my grip is worse with them. I have cloth wraps from Strength Wraps.