The Hungry Girl Diet - Thoughts?

So I heard of the Hungry Girl Diet. I've never read any of her previous books, tried her recipes, or anything. Has anyone tried it, know anything about it? I understand there's a meal plan component and an exercise component. Not surprised there, but wondering what others think of it, what's comparable, anyone tried it, etc.

I've been doing pretty well so far on my own for 15 months, eating clean and healthy for the most part and exercising regularly. I say for the most part since the last 2 months could have been better. I just thought I'd look into something "new" for a change so that I don't have to think too much about it. lol

So please keep the negative and sarcastic remarks to a minimum. I'm aware of the work involved in this process, so please don't post anything if it's not going to be helpful. Thanks!


  • sisterlilbunny
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    No snark here. Hungry girl posts for those of us who like food in a big way.

    To be honest with you, I only use her egg mug recipes since they are awesome for a filling breakfast. I don't do the mug thing since we have great bowls at work.

    I personally think she's got a great plan since it's pretty good food and she encourages people to eat even if it is with replacements for eggs and stuff. Your mileage will vary though eh?! :) I say that is you can incorporate her meals into your real life (planning for the week and stuff), go for it!
  • rduhlir
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    She has some okay recipes. Her Parmed-up Tilapia recipe is really good. The only issue I have with her is she likes to demonize certain foods. I dont' know if you have ever watched her show on Food Network or the Cooking Channel...but I sometimes end up rolling my eyes what she says.

    As far as her diet plan...anything that has the catch phrase promise of "Drop X lbs in a month" I am sceptical about.
  • PaliDNAnge
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    Thanks, sister. I'll look into the egg mug recipe. Sounds really interesting.

    rduhlir, no, I haven't watched her show. But I understand what you mean about demonizing foods. I also agree with you on being skeptical about that catch phrase. That's why I like to get people's opinions on stuff like this to see their experience.

    Thank you both!
  • thyme4
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    I have not checked out the diet, but I do have a few of the books and subscribe to the news feed. The author makes it very clear that she is not a nutritionist; she is someone who enjoys eating and has done her best to find accommodations that work for busy people who don't want to feel deprived while losing or maintaining their weight.

    I have found lots of info and ideas that I use or modify from what she has written or posts. I want to eat "cleaner" so I will often exchange some calories to use a real/whole food but that is just my preference. My opinion is that if using a packaged or convenience food works for you in terms of time or economic budget, then go for it. Gives you more time to work out!

    I don't expect this diet plan will get top marks from health professionals, but I have no doubt that it will help lots of people start their transformations by helping them eat familiar foods and avoiding the emotional impact of feeling deprived as they start a new program.
  • aqualeo1
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    I love hungry girl! Haven't tried the program but her recipes are tasty! She has a guacamole recipe that uses an entire can of peas and hardly any avacado & I swear you can not tell those peas are even in there. Amazing ! It's not like "health food" necessarily but it's low calorie. You can't be afraid of using a lot of Splenda & fat free or sugar free items.

    Her philosophy for eating is more realistic for people who are just trying to cut calories and eat yummy food with bigger portions and don't care that much about eating "clean" and being super restrictive. It's like if your gonna eat cheesecake here's how to do it and not blow half a day's calories but it still tastes good.
  • Branstin
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    Since you lost over 100lbs, I think you know what works best for you. Although I don't like anything "diet", you could try it and come back to MFP if it doesn't work for you.
  • mygrl4meee
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    I have tried a couple recipes from her cookbook and all but one was pretty good. However, I found it required too many ingredients that I normally wouldn't keep on hand. She uses a lot of low fat low sugar ECT. I do buy some stuff low fat sugar calories ECT but I just can't stock everything up double for the family members who need higher counts on fat and calories and of course the ingredients list is much longer in said products so I decided I didn't want to buy her book.
  • PaliDNAnge
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    Thanks, everyone! Definitely gave me some things to think about. When I eat at home, I try to avoid packaged foods whenever possible except for some canned beans, corn, etc. and frozen vegetables. I'm not a huge fan of sugar substitutes. I prefer the real thing if I'm going to have it. hehe I'll try and see if the library has a copy I can borrow to take a look at the recipes. Or I can go into a bookstore and browse.

    Branstin, I'm not ready to wean off of MFP. lol I would still be on here logging and checking my macros.
  • shannaschueller
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    I have not started the diet but I do have this and some of her other books. You cannot use recipes from her previous books while doing the diet. She uses more processed food in those and they aren't in the diet. When I get the time I will be reading more of the book, but just thought I'd point that out since people who only read her previous books might think the diet uses a lot of processed foods like her email and book recipes do.
  • PaliDNAnge
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    Thanks for the feedback, shanna!
  • darkling_glory
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    This is old, but I'm bumping it because I just got the cookbook.

    It looks really good, to be honest. My girlfriend started and she's lost 3 pounds in the first week (following the meal plans exactly).

    I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in a group/community for us to talk about the recipes and how it's going. It seems that this time around she's relying less on "fake" stuff like splenda and fat free cool whip and it's very volumetrics-esque.
  • chuckwick3
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    I started the Hungry Girl Diet & lost 8 lbs in the first two weeks! I have a heck of a time losing weight so I was quite surprised. Unfortunately I was faced with graduation parties, vacation and then being sick and have not restarted yet. I am super picky so have a bit of trouble with the vege parts. I eat a lot of zucchini & carrots since it's about all I like.