New here, so much to lose, so much to gain!

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Hello there,

I'm new to MFP, though sadly not to the whole dieting thing. Obviously it hasn't worked out all that well!

So I'm coming at it from a new perspective, and a new place in my life. I want to lose weight, but i also need to get active and healthy.

Here's me: 39 yrs old, single mom to a very active 4 yr old. I work a boring office job where i sit on my butt all day, and then spend far too much time sitting on my butt all evening! If the snow ever melts here i will be more active in general because that busy little boy of mine loves to be out on the go and there's nothing more fun to me than being out there with him. So i'm looking forward to walks to the park and hiking some gentle trails with him. But for now we're still snowed in (I'm in Newfoundland... we're in the middle of another BIG snowstorm!) so i need something i can do indoors in the evenings. I don't have the luxury of going to the gym after work because i have to pick up my little guy and get home to cook supper.

I do have some things going for me in this battle though. I can cook, i love my veggies, i know the "how" to eating right and being active, i just have problems with the motivation.

I intend to be there for my kiddo for a long time. He deserves a healthy active fun momma and that's what i need to work toward. I'm also planning a trip this fall and to be honest, i want to make sure my fat butt fits comfortably in the air plane seat! Not to mention, a trip next year to celebrate turning 40! I want to be able to keep up with my girlfriends, and maybe even make them work to keep up with me.

Friends would be welcome! Especially anyone in a similar situation as me with limited time/flexibility trying to find ways to work in some activity and healthy habits.


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    I hear you! Getting active with my kids and being around for them for a long time were two of my biggest motivators. Thank goodness I have been successful with MFP so far.

    My secrets to success: 1) Don't stress about it. In fact, make it a bit of a game (can I hit my target today? How about for the week?) 2) Don't give up. Keep logging, even if you are having a tough time (although I will break off logging on a cheat day). 3) You can find a formula that works for you, and it may be different from anyone else's formula. 4) Every little bit counts, so that if you have one good day followed by five bad days--you are still better off than if you had done nothing. 5) It's a marathon, not a sprint. It took a while to add the extra weight, and it will take a while to get it off.

    If you keep at it, the successes will slowly pay off. It may take people a while to notice (I had lost 60 pounds before the people I work with noticed, but as they are all guys....) But consistency will pay off.

    Add me if you wish, and best of luck!
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    Feel free to add me :) I am also a mother of a very active 4 y/o :)