Would love ideas on eating my calorie intake or close to it

Ok so I changed my goals and changed sedentary to lighly active because really I am lightly active during the day even though I have a desk job I am up doing different tasks 1-2 times an hour. So with that and keeping the 1 lb. loss per week I am at 1560 calories a day.

My dilema is that I can barely eat 1200 calories most days and have no clue how to get as close to my calories as I can and that doesn't even include when I exercise!

I have a slim fast most mornings for breakfast as it is the easiest thing for me with having to get myself and 3 kids up dressed and out the door by 645, sometimes instead of that I will have a greek yogurt. Lunch vaires as well as dinner. I do snack in between. I would love some suggestions!


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    You could stand to eat a bigger breakfast, for starters.
    I love making overnight oatmeal! It takes maybe 2-3 minutes the night before to prepare, can be packed with protein and fruit, and is super yummy to top it all off. You can use yoghurt instead of milk, and I usually throw in some chia seeds with the oats.
    Also, so long as you eat your macros for the day, why not just have a cookie or something at night to meet your calorie goal? Or a piece of dark chocolate, or a glass of wine. Something yummy!
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    Well there are a lot of things you can do depending on your preferences. If I am nearly though my day with only snack and dinner left and many calories to eat yet, My go to food is nuts. They tend to be calorie dense but still pretty good for you. You could eat more at breakfast. I eat an instant oatmeal packet and it is really filling and takes only 2 minutes to cook. I also keep fresh fruit ready like a banana or an apple ready. I also wait until the end of the day and if I am still low on calories I have a drink like milk, orange juice or apple juice. Feel free to take a look at my food log, I have a higher calories per day but it may give you ideas.
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    You should eat 4-6x per day and I agree with above you probably need more in the mornings

    Many days I will have greek yorgurt and mix in some Kashi Go Lean cereal. gives it crunch and good source of protein to start the day. Oatmeal is good too. Or fry up an egg with some turkey sausage. I just found Belvita Energy bars/crackers... very delicious.

    Snack on apples w/ Peanut Butter, string cheese, nuts, granola bars, fruit smoothies, veggies.
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    Do you like eating that little for breakfast? It wouldn't work for me, but I know a lot of people just aren't hungry if they are rushing around all morning. If you would like more for breakfast or a snack a bit later, there are lots of ways to do it that wouldn't add much time. Just adding a banana or nuts or a hard boiled egg (my preference since I love eggs and like having protein in the morning) would do it and add 70-100 calories or so each.

    I also used to do the simple oatmeal thing as a fast breakfast--set it up steel cut oats in a rice cooker, turn it on when I got up, and add some milk and berries when finished--but that does still require sitting and eating which might be more of a change.
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    2 cheese sticks, 1 greek yogurt, and a banana or apple (about 400 calories)

    9" wheat pita with 6 ounces of chicken and raw spinach, tomato, cucumber, black olive, red pepper & tatziki sauce (about 500 calories)

    Some kind of meat, side dish & veggies or salad (about 600 calories)
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    Are you weighing and measuring all your food? As a person who eats ~2000 calories a day, I find it hard to believe you genuinely have a hard time getting above 1200. Perhaps you're underestimating?

    Assuming you are counting properly... Make sure there is protein and/or fat in your snacks. When you have an hour of free time, portion out some nuts, dried fruit, stuff like that into little baggies you can take with you on the run. While you're at it, hard-boil some eggs for a protein treat and package up things like raw broccoli, baby carrots and celery sticks with hummus, ranch, peanut butter, etc.

    Other than that, try making your other two meals bigger, or simply less ""healthy."" I put that in quotes because mostly people think of a healthy meal as being low in fat and calories, when it doesn't have to be. Use some butter or oil! Add cheese!
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    Low-sodium trail mix
    Peanut butter
    Protein Bars
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    Don't eat "diet" foods. Don't eat low fat/no fat. Cook with oils and butter. Eat avocados and nuts, dark chocolate, etc.
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    How did you get overweight?
  • JTick
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    I know how hard it can be to find time if you want to eat breakfast...I sleep as late as possible, and am often running out the door. Here's a few of my faves, that can all be pre-made the night before and are higher in calories than Slim-Fast:

    Bagel/Cream cheese
    Pre-sliced fruit
    Boiled eggs
    Clif protein bars

    Throw a couple hundred calories extra in for breakfast, a couple hundred at lunch, a couple hundred at dinner. Boom, you meet your calorie goal. Something as simple as an extra couple ounces of meat will help.
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    How did you get overweight?

    I gained a lot with my 3rd baby, and I was in a horrible marriage so I ate a lot, never watched what I ate or measured it. A lot of pasta for dinners and we ate out a lot too at the fast food places. Once I started logging this stuff I was horrified at how many calories and sodium was in one of the meals I was eating and some days it was lunch and dinner.

    As for eating light I am not very hungry in the mornings with running around, but the suggestions as to what I can add along with the shake are perfect as well as the other ideas.

    And yes I have been weighing my food, and the main problems comes from breakfast and lunch when I need something easy and quick most of the time, but I will find a good balance with all of the great suggestions. :-)
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    Soooooooooooooooo how did you get to a point where you wanted to lose weight if you can't eat enough? Doesn't make sense. Seriously, if you have 300 extra calories why not have a candy bar? Boom. Done. You're at your goal.
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    Soooooooooooooooo how did you get to a point where you wanted to lose weight if you can't eat enough? Doesn't make sense. Seriously, if you have 300 extra calories why not have a candy bar? Boom. Done. You're at your goal.

    Why on Earth are you being so rude? She is trying to find calorie rich foods that will give her body nutrients and she's only asking for suggestions. If you find this a question that is too simple for you, don't post. But of course you'd prefer to get snotty and rude about it. Find something better to do than trying to break someone down.
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    Something that I've been doing recently is taking leftovers from dinner and freezing them so I can just grab a container and go each morning. My family isn't big on leftovers plus it's easy clean up to put them in individual serving containers and throw them in the freezer. I use the freezer so that the leftovers last longer. That way I can have a variety of options available instead of several days in a row of a certain dish. I also usually pack a greek yogurt or fruit and string cheese as an option if I'm hungry in the afternoon.

    I totally understand not being too hungry in the mornings. I have to wait until I'm at work to eat breakfast but I know not everyone has the option of making breakfast at work. I usually have either a hard boiled egg or an egg with a few egg whites on a sandwich thin or a protein bar with a piece of fruit. Both of those can be ready the night before and the sandwich can be heated up at work or right before you head out the door.
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    Overnight oats for a "second breakfast" Mine used to come in at about 600 cals back when I HAD a big goal. These days they are down to about 375 as I only have 1700 calories to eat. I find it very hard to not go OVER. You could always throw a scoop of protein powder in with your shake - that's good for 150 calories or so if you get the good stuff.

    I'm stuck eating salad every day for lunch just so that I can have a real dinner and maybe a small snack before bed. I have no idea how you guys can do it on less.. I absolutely HATE salad, I WISH I had more calories but I'm on TDEE so it makes no difference how active I am. Take full advantage of them!
  • Dinner leftovers are a great lunch. I alway try to make 2 extra portions so my wife and I can both have a strong lunch. Her job doesn't always allow here to be where she can reheat though. Try packing your lunch before you go to bed. Make sure you have s acks in there. Celery and peanut butter is my fave. Gets you some calories and a bit of protein, and helps me kick your that "2:30 feeling". Packing at night would also give you a little more time in the morning, so maybe you could sit down to a bigger breakfast. Ham and cheese egg white omlettes are quick and easy. Add a tablespoon or 2 of picante sauce for a little zip.
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    I'll third the dinner leftovers for lunch idea. I bought a good set of containers to carry food in and try to make extra and pack lunch in the evening and when I do it, it's an easy solution.
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    Soooooooooooooooo how did you get to a point where you wanted to lose weight if you can't eat enough? Doesn't make sense. Seriously, if you have 300 extra calories why not have a candy bar? Boom. Done. You're at your goal.

    If you read my reply right above your comment it explains how I got overweight.
  • MomTo3Lovez
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    Thank you for the suggestions, it will take me some time to get it right but it'll happen lol.
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    It definitely takes some trial and error to figure out what works best for you. My goal is 1400, and I eat back my exercise calories every day. I find the most important part is planning ahead and getting a little creative. I'm like you in the morning though...I have coffee while I'm getting ready and on the drive in, and I fix a protein drink when I get to work. I eat as much fresh and whole food as possible and have snacks in the morning and afternoon. And if I still have a bunch of calories left at the end of the day, I eat a bowl of ice cream (weighed out, of course lol) My diary is open if you're interested.