lazy cabbage casseroll what 2 do with cabbage

omgtry Posts: 114
1lb hamburger
1 c white rice......cooked n washed
cabbage ......boil to tender to peel n chop let cool
Ragu or what ever u use//like hunts or your choice

spray casseroll pour sauce in bottom of casseroll spread chopped cabbage first then hamburger n rice pour sauce just to cover repeat then bake in oven 350 35 mins enjoy


  • DeboraW_55
    DeboraW_55 Posts: 95 Member
    I have made something like this but I used tomatoes
  • feelin_gr_8
    feelin_gr_8 Posts: 308 Member
    might just have to make this tonight...I have some cabbage and rice that needs to be used up...