The Do's and Don'ts of dating

melb_alex Posts: 1,154 Member
Screw my 'I hate forums' for a sec and list down the things you would do and DON'T for dating; keen to see if there are any similarities across both sexes.

*Texting incessantly

BE DIFFERENT, show no emotion and be succinct and straight forward.


  • NatiaGonitellie
    NatiaGonitellie Posts: 355 Member
    Do::: Pay attention to your date.

    Don't::: B*tch about the cost of the meal. (if you didn't want to spend that much go some place cheaper or better yet fix the meal yourself)
  • Emi1974
    Emi1974 Posts: 522 Member
    Do: dress up a bit

    Don't: come to a date with open shoes and dirty long toenails
  • MysteriousLdy
    MysteriousLdy Posts: 306 Member
    Do..Silent off your mobile phone

    Don't.. Grope our womanly assets on first date
  • Do: Open Doors For Her

    Don't: Act Like A Dumbass.
  • DO: Have time to do your own things and be independent
    DON'T: Snoop and go through his things
  • SloRose
    SloRose Posts: 67
    Don't: talk about your exes
    Do: put the phone down