new to running, and zombies...

Good evening all!

I have thought about running recently. So today, I did. I used the Zombies, run 5k app. I had to push my toddler in her stoller, which is not made for running, so that was rather challenging. Of course, I didn't run long distances, mor of a start and then walk thing, but its a start. I had expected to be in better shape, honestly, I have been doing a mix of cardio and strength for over a year now. But this was hard! I am not as fit as I thought.

If anyone uses this app, or one of the other Zombies, run; I could use some feedback.

The GPS worked fine, but I did not have a playlist set up for music, apparently mine is not compatible. What are you all using? And second, have any of you had any problems with the audio feed not progressing? It started the feed fine, but after the guy told me to Move! It never progressed on. So I finished 5k of walk/ running but the app does not show it complete. I have an updated version of the app, and as far as I know everything else on my phone is updated. Any suggestions or fixes for that?

Other than that, I feel good about today, and am looking forward to my next trip.


  • Siran12001
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    I can't help you with the audio feed, I never had that problem when I used that app over a year ago. But I can help with the playlist. Install winamp on your phone and use a playlist from winamp and it should work fine.
  • gracielynn1011
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    Thanks, I will do that.