Not typical breakfast...


Some morning, I dont eat a traditional breakfast. I will eat leftover from the day before.
Like this morning, I had a leftover of lentil and chickpeas with tomatoes.
And my coffee of course :)

Is there other people doing that? is it wrong?


  • SideSteel
    SideSteel Posts: 11,068 Member
    It's fine.
  • scispence
    scispence Posts: 117 Member
    No way that could possibly be wrong.
  • jadimasi79
    jadimasi79 Posts: 27 Member
    Nothing wrong with not eating a "traditional" breakfast or foods. I personally enjoy waiting util around 9:00 in the morning and then eating a salad.
  • 123stefania
    123stefania Posts: 167 Member
    Me too, I have breakfast around 9. I'm mom at home, even if I woke up at 6. I wait and eat....sometimes leftovers sometimes toast, jam or cereals. I am happy to hear that other people are like me :)
  • JoRocka
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    I just ate my first meal of the day about 130- was cilantro lime chili and sweet potatoes with steam-able veggies.

    two months ago I was eating chili at 10 AM (although my co-workers didn't get it)

    eat what you want- when you want as long as it fits your goals.
  • bcattoes
    bcattoes Posts: 17,299 Member
    No, it's not wrong. Eat whatever you want whenever you want. As long as you are sticking to your goals and getting proper nutrition it's all good.
  • bingo_jenn
    bingo_jenn Posts: 63 Member
    I like what I call "breakfast salad." It's just a salad. For breakfast. My co-worker teases me, but I sing a little song and eat my salad. :)
  • neanderthin
    neanderthin Posts: 9,563 Member
    I eat Pho for breakfast quite often.
  • SideSteel
    SideSteel Posts: 11,068 Member
    I eat Pho for breakfast quite often.

    <-- jealous
    OMGSugarOHNOS Posts: 204 Member
    on Saturday night I BBQ'd some chicken legs and my 2 year old daughter ate 3 of them. The next morning she was asking for more. How could I deny her? BBQ chicken leg and an apple for breakfast!
    OMGSugarOHNOS Posts: 204 Member