I took my first set of pics to track my progress and was just wondering how often should i retake my pics???


  • die2fat4love
    die2fat4love Posts: 149 Member
    I did monthly at first (for about 6 months) then I went to every 6 months after that.
  • Giddyduck
    Giddyduck Posts: 213 Member
    Every 4 weeks. Any sooner you may not see changes and waiting longer can try your patience...Okay it tries mine, esp when the scale isn't moving. I see in the in pictures first.
  • I usually take progress pics. monthly
  • JennyJ2015
    JennyJ2015 Posts: 154 Member
    thanks everyone !
  • summertime_girl
    summertime_girl Posts: 3,945 Member
    I take them when I notice a difference.