Trying hard not to be annoying

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I'm sure my co-workers and family are getting sick of me talking about my weight loss and exercising. I'm trying not to overdo it but for me, talking about it keeps reinforcing the why and what of my getting healthy and in shape. As I am a lazy *kitten* deep in my core, I don't want to let that part creep back in.

Any tips for not driving coworkers/family nuts with gym, food, and weight talk while still being excited about all of this?


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    Talk about it on here or join another group that talks about weight loss/exercise. I know I checked facebook groups and there are some there that you can discuss or brag about how well you are doing. :) I, too have been guilty of a bit of bragging but I cut way down on it because didn't want to bore people or sometimes no matter how well you did there will always be someone who comes along and bursts your bubble of happiness and gives you unwanted advice on how they think you should lose weight.
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    In for the advice, since I find talking about it keeps my focus. I guess I mostly try and do most of my talking on here.

    Maybe starting a blog is a good idea? You can write about everything you want related to your fitness, and people only have to read it if they want to!

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    Talk to your friends on MFP. Going on and on, all the time about it to family and friends, is just going to annoy them. I've been doing this for 2 years and they all see the results. I never talk about it, unless asked a specific question.

    Keep a journal/blog. Make some friends that share your fitness goals and talk to them. No one likes someone talking about themselves all the time - no matter what the subject.
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    Awww. Tell it to me. I enjoy hearing positive feed. Others will get annoyed because they are not with you in your journey. :D
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    On here is safest. I also talk to my husband who is doing weight watchers and my son is trying to teach me to run. If someone asks I will give a little info but try to keep it brief. People don't want to hear that it is hard work and takes a long time and must be followed in some form for the rest of your life. They want a quick fix to fit in the bikini this summer.
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    As for family, don't bother. They love you and will continue to love you even if you annoy them. In fact, if you don't annoy them about this topic then it will just be something else. My family annoys me, and I'm sure I annoy them. Its just natural.

    As for co-workers, limit your enthusiasm somewhat. Don't feel like you need to hide or be ashamed of the new you though.

    And shout your successes in places like this, where you have a like-minded audience.
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    I'm sure my co-workers and family are getting sick of me talking about my weight loss and exercising. I'm trying not to overdo it but for me, talking about it keeps reinforcing the why and what of my getting healthy and in shape. As I am a lazy *kitten* deep in my core, I don't want to let that part creep back in.

    Any tips for not driving coworkers/family nuts with gym, food, and weight talk while still being excited about all of this?

    Talk about it here with your MFP friends.
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    As someone else said, come here. Everyone else just doesn't care and they'll tune you out.

    We are ALWAYS here . :D
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    talk about your recent bowel movements with them. be detailed and specific and include dates, times, sizes, consistencies, color, etc.

    by the end of the week they'll be begging you to talk about your weight loss and exercise again.
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    I talk about that stuff with my MFP friends and occasionally with my husband since he's doing it too. I don't talk about diet/exercise with IRL friends or with my family unless someone asks. Even then, I keep it brief.
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    I agree with those who say don't discuss it unless asked. It's kinda like finding religion. Everyone has their own personal beliefs and doesn't want to hear constantly about yours.

    I've been asked many times how I've lost weight. I keep it brief and say that I count calories, eat at a deficit, still eat everything, but in moderation. You'd be shocked at how many times I'm then told I'm doing it wrong because I don't eat "clean" or paleo or follow some other diet religion that the person believes in. Annoying to say the least. There is no one right way. The right way for you is what works and is sustainable.
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    Me too....I just posted a 'Sorry I ramble on about my weight loss' status on Facebook...LOL. Everyone was VERY kind, and said that they actually don't mind at all. I do try to mix in other stuff...keep up with current events, that I'm not ONLY talking about it, but I am lucky to have a good support system who understand that this journey is hard for me and I need encouragement. You can always come to MFP and talk about it if you need to also, we will listen all day long! Add me if you want someone else to talk fitness with.
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    Discuss it with people of like minds such as the posters here.
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    I agree with everyone else, MFP is such a wonderful tool to help you stay focused without driving your loved ones crazy! Log in and read the forums every day, post and share your experiences, and you will find so much support! You probably won't need to go home and talk about it with your family as much.
  • Phoenxyx79
    I would try to find someone that is interested in your journey and wants to start themselves. I am doing this with my mom and we talk about it alot. We discuss our meals and we go to classes together.

    Perhaps someone who goes to your gym would be a good fit
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    I feel the same way! I talk about it some with my husband and a couple close friends, but I really try not to bring it up. I know it annoys people because it annoyed me when a girl I knew lost 100+ pounds and talked about working out/eating healthy EVERY DAY! I'm sorry, but switch up the conversation topics once in a while! I actually made it so I don't have to see her status updates on Facebook because it really drives me nuts. The best place to talk about it is on MFP, and just talk about it with friends and family if they bring it up first. I find I like talking about it to people on MFP than anyone else because everyone here understands!
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    LOUD AND PROUD BABY!!!! Lol....

    Everyone is different.... If you sense someone's not digging the topic...then talk about something else. But...if people don't seem to mind hearing it.....then proud!

    But yeah....MFP or other forms of blogging is probably better....since you can actually write more thoughts out over the time it takes to type than speaking about it at the moment. Does that make sense?
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    Find one person who 'gets it' and leave everyone else alone. If I have a new PR or diet plan or whatever, I'll tell my wee brother - everyone else just gives me blank stares so I don't bother now.
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    Collect more friends here, blog, join more groups on here. I don't talk about weight loss and fitness to most people in my daily life.
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    I did this once lol. Like you, it was just because talking about it kept me motivated and I was excited about everything I was learning. It resulted in a friend saying "well its easy for YOU, you're single. When you have a husband its alot harder to do." I didn't realize it until she made that comment, but by talking incessantly about healthy eating and exercise I was prodding her insecurities and guilt about her own weight.
    (She's not a bad person; and I know what it's like to feel that way when a friend is losing weight and has found their self control, while you're still struggling and binging. You are supportive and genuinely glad for them, but the jealousy, insecurity and guilt over your inactivity may occasionally bubble to the surface!)

    Still, it was sort of a rude comment to make; I had just been through a bad break-up and was still freshly single. So that stung a little. But knowing where it was coming from allowed me to brush it off. I just learned to only discuss it with people who were in the same boat as me, and to not bring it up with those who weren't. I'll mention it if they bring up my weight-changes etc, but I don't go into detail unless they ask. Plus, you can talk on the mfp forums as much as you want lol; there's a mass of people with the same interest who actually want to hear about it all!