Hi, porker reporting in

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Hello everyone.
I'm here as I read through Sara and SideSteel's stickies about things and thought, wow, no nonsense, referenced and not patronising.
So, decided I'd properly join the community and crack on.
I'm a porker at around 237 pounds and a 41 inch waist. That said, I've joined an exercise group that does 45 mins of workouts outside 3 days a week (lots of squats with weights, carries, presses, core stuff, bit of running and the like) and am totally loving it. Joined them a month ago and though I've barely lost any weight I've dropped from nearly a 44 waist and have apparently uncovered these weird lumps in my face (I'm informed they are "cheekbones" what the hell ever that means).

Also doing some lifting at home with a bar and some dumbells, only once a week at the moment as we get plenty of lifting heavy in the classes but hoping to up that shortly.

So, um, hi. :smile:


  • tony49837
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    Good morning. Sounds like we're quite similar. I'm "down" to 238 now after starting at my high of 243. Time to take control!! I'm finding that if I track EVERYTHING that I eat helps a lot, then at night when I sit down after a long day it keeps me in check. If I don't have calories left, I don't eat anything else. So far so good. I get out an mountain bike at least a couple times a week and try to walk a few times a week as well.
  • ransaka
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    Hey Tony! I also do a bit of mountain biking when I can as I live in a fairly hilly area and an off road ride to work burns through nearly 1k calories (according to my HRM so pinch of salt).
    Don't know about you but I'm fed up of being a tub of lard so have been hitting it on the exercise front and having read the stickies I think I'm now on track with nutrition so I'm looking forward to working towards some good results.
    A pound a week of fat loss would be nice but I'll take whatever I can get :)
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    Welcome! I am sure that you will find lots of support here and with your wit you should find some friends too :-) Welcome to the site!

    P.S. I have heard of cheekbones...but I don't think that I had them installed at birth, but who knows they be hidden in the squish yet!
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    My lardass is bigger than yours.:sad: :blushing: I want to melt mine down too. Friend me if you like. I highly suggest Trogalious's post in the forums for newcomers. He's lost 153 lbs.

    Michelle in the U.S.
  • ransaka
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome and yes, I have read the newbie post and it's damn good. Straight up, no bs so I like it. :)