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The Cost of Smoking...


  • RazbooRazboo Posts: 439Member Member Posts: 439Member Member
    Yeah, so what?!? ;-)

    <--- Smoker
  • cardgrlcardgrl Posts: 175Member Member Posts: 175Member Member
    So...I'm a smoker, too....
  • RazbooRazboo Posts: 439Member Member Posts: 439Member Member
    Ah, I thought you were just being one of 'them'. :)

    I've cut back a lot. Calculating what I smoke now is bad enough. Calculating what I used to smoke is quite depressing.
  • cardgrlcardgrl Posts: 175Member Member Posts: 175Member Member
    It just made me stop and think for a second...will it make me stop?
    Since I have been exercising regularly, I have been cutting back quite significantly, which makes me feel better. I wanna quit but I'm not ready. One day...
    Until then, I will spend my $7 per pack. :)
  • RazbooRazboo Posts: 439Member Member Posts: 439Member Member
    I'm reluctant partially because of the projected 10lb weight gain that supposedly goes with it. I think I will make my weight target first, then give quitting a whirl (again).

    If I do gain 10 lb, it won't be so bad as if I gained it now. Plus, I will have already proven to myself that I can get back to the target weight!
  • pamelawhpamelawh Posts: 162Member Member Posts: 162Member Member
    i'm an x smoker. stopped 18 yrs ago. my reflection on a very poor habit. i feel it was the most stupid thing i have done. if i could take a time traveling delorian and go back in time, i would not start.
  • kjllosekjllose Posts: 948Member Member Posts: 948Member Member
    razboo who exactly is one of "them"? I don't smoke but I don't think of myself as one of "'them". I think everyone is entitled to do what they want with their bodies. Is them the establishment that wants to control what we do? Or are they the people who don't want to smoke? Is it the restaurants? I've never thought of it as us vs them.
  • RazbooRazboo Posts: 439Member Member Posts: 439Member Member
    Well, 'them' is a reformed smoker, most specifically, or non-smokers more in general. Like my dad; he's an ex-smoker. He doesn't say much about it anymore, but his quiet disapproval speaks volumes as they say. :)

    And, I did not mean 'them' with any maliciousness. I hope I didn't open a big can of worms there. Over the past few years, the laws have made it very clear our habits are not wanted. Imagine: Here in Nova Scotia, if not all of Canada and the US, too, we are technically not allowed to have a smoking shelter outside with even three sides. Seek ye not shelter for thy foul habits, Smoker!!

    So, yeah, I feel smokers are a group unto themselves. We suffer a lot of indignity for our habit as unhealthy as it may be. That's why I think in terms of us and them when it comes to smoking.

    But not in a bad way. According to statistics, 80% of my friends and family are non-smokers, so what is one to do? :)
  • denmother46denmother46 Posts: 272Member Member Posts: 272Member Member
    I have the dubious distinction of living in Calabasas, Calif. I believe the first city in the US to make smoking iegal in ANY public space. You are not even allowed to smoke on your own balcony of your condo/apartment if it faces a common area.

    However, it is OK for the soccer moms in their giant SUV's to double park in front of Starbucks and yak on their cell phones with their engines running and the exhaust blowing all over the outdoor seating area - go figure?!?!
  • denmother46denmother46 Posts: 272Member Member Posts: 272Member Member
    Ooops, I cant type
    Supposed to read" first city in US to make smoking illegal"
  • RazbooRazboo Posts: 439Member Member Posts: 439Member Member
    Relates (sort of) to my first experience with a non-smoking cab several.. ok many.. years ago. What?? You idled more crap into the air waiting for me than I could smoke in a day! Or something like that. ...I was coming out of a club at the time .

    As time went on...

    Ever travel much as a smoker? Hellish at airports (not to mention airplanes). I pack and wear a patch and carry a pocketful of Nicogum when I do. Denver is the one exception (I have encountered) and has the "Aviator's Lounge" where you can smoke inside security, but the rest I have experienced either have nothing which means Exiting the Building. Boston airport sucks because well..., Boston airport just sucks! Whether I smoke or not, if I was not fortunate enough to have flights meeting in the same terminal, then I am fuscia'd to the security AGAIN. At LAX, the "smoker's area" is an open ceilinged barred encloser. LA FGS. Hope for the elements!! GLTUS!
  • charley078charley078 Posts: 48Member Posts: 48Member
    I am a smoker and yes I do know I should quit sometime in the future, but hey, they have already taken away my food and caffine, so they can't have my smokes....
  • abhi_dev143abhi_dev143 Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
    everyone knowns the cost but wht to do
  • abhi_dev143abhi_dev143 Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member log in this site it also provides us very useful and beneficial for us
  • helton1515helton1515 Posts: 48Member Posts: 48Member
    $7.00 a pack? wow!!!
  • highway48highway48 Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
    I am an ex-smoker and ex-dipper, best decision i ever made was to quit. not going to preach to you all about how bad it is cause i use to hate that. just wanted to let you all know that it can be done but you HAVE to be ready to do it for YOURSELF whenever you decide to do it. i am in a support group online and without it i dont think that i would have ever stuck with it. if you all ever want pointers let me know but im not going to jam it down your throats...
  • time2wrktime2wrk Posts: 773Member Member Posts: 773Member Member
    It is about overall dad smokes - ok, he is 78, I guess he can do whatever he wants now. But he is constantly having sores removed from his tongue and cheek. I guess it has to be worth the risks for an individual. I don't think 10 pound weight gain is that big a deterrent if you look at possible side effects of continuing to smoke.

    But, geez, I agree with helton1515 - $7.00 a pack!? Yikes!
  • angela22angela22 Posts: 10Member Posts: 10Member
    You guys think $7.00 a pack is bad?? Here in Canada I pay about 9.50 for one pack! Isnt that wild? Its actually pretty insane to say the least. I actually did quit about 1 1/2 months ago but just started again a week ago :( The reason being was that I gained a whopping 10 lbs after I quit, because I was subsitituting the cigarettes for food and snacks :)
  • highway48highway48 Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
    i gained about 30 pounds when i quit... can you believe it, but i have already lost 10 of that is just one month, and hoping to continue it to get back to Pre-quit weight, the way i see it, you can always lose weight, you cant always get rid of cancer... just saying
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