Bad Herbalife

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"The criminal inquiry coincides with civil investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. Both regulatory agencies, which face a lower burden of proof than criminal authorities, could fine Herbalife if they conclude its marketing practices amount to a pyramid scheme."


  • MichaelRobinson1994
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    I think it's a pyramid scheme!
    My friend made some cash on it, but still...

    I personally hope they don't get into too much trouble, their protein bars are quite tasty!
  • BigGuy47
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    From the article:
    "To show that it is operating within the law, Herbalife might have to demonstrate that it sells a majority of its products outside the sales network to consumer"

    I've never seen Herbalife on a retail store shelf. I thought 100% of their sales were within their own network.

    They've been around forever, they will somehow get past the regulators again. They will continue to thrive off the foolish people willing to pay for their overpriced products.