I starved inadvertently for 10 days. My nails are now odd.

tapirfrog Posts: 616 Member
I got the flu in early February and for about a week and a half I consumed between 250 and 900 calories a day, mostly from Nyquil Yes, I eventually did drag in to the doctor; it turned out I had a couple of bacterial infections on top of the virus. Yes, I know I was an idiot for trying to tough it out. I promise you don't have to tell me that. The doc explained that to me in detail!

Now most of my fingernails have this strange miniature ridge on them, like someone took a tiny amount of modeling clay and made a stripe horizontally across each nail about 3/4 of the way up. Given the rate at which my fingernails grow, it looks like these ridges formed back in February when I was eating pretty much nothing.

I had no idea that only ten days of malnutrition could have such an effect. You don't get skinny from eating one salad or fat from eating one pizza, but you sure can get funny-looking fingers if you live on Nyquil for ten days.