knocked 30 seconds per mile off my 5k time

loriemn Posts: 292 Member
title says it all,,I am so excited! from 13 min mile last run,,a week ago due to bad weather and a hurt back,to 12:30 mile today!!


  • svandever101585
    svandever101585 Posts: 188 Member
    That is awesome. Keep up the hard work and you will have it drop again in no time. I am working on my mile and 5 K times too. My mile is at like 11 and my 5 K is down to 34:40.
  • ashleyisgreat
    ashleyisgreat Posts: 586 Member
  • Eric_DeCastro
    Eric_DeCastro Posts: 767 Member
    good job.
  • mariai_martinez
    mariai_martinez Posts: 37 Member
    Way to go, that is huge!! I too am working on speed and on the treadmill I am able to make myself happy, lets just hope it transfers outdoors, can't wait for running weather in the mornings. :)
  • handyrunner
    handyrunner Posts: 32,662 Member
    Just don't push it every run. And risk injury. Slow and steady miles will also help!!

    Great job!!!!
  • ryantrimble12
    ryantrimble12 Posts: 49 Member
    that's awesome! I just got up to 5k yesterday (35:00) and now I'm going to start working on improving that time
  • chmtastic
    chmtastic Posts: 178 Member
    that's great!! I haven't be able to run because I had a very bad sprain (left ankle) back in late Sept. After months of PT, today was the first day I ran without stopping!! I did 3.33 miles in 32:33! WOO HOO!!

    yay for us!!! hehe!! :smile:
  • peacelovelose
    peacelovelose Posts: 63 Member
    That's awesome! Good job, keep it up!
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
    AllOutof_Bubblegum Posts: 3,646 Member
    Awesome, congratulations!

    I suck big time at running, I've been trying to reduce my mile time for over a year, and it's just pathetic. :ohwell:
  • MagJam2004
    MagJam2004 Posts: 651 Member
    freaking huge, awesome effort. Like Handyrunner pointed out though, don't sacrifice form or health for speed. Try to ease your way into it and make sure you give yourself some rest days. Strong work.
  • loriemn
    loriemn Posts: 292 Member
    thanks guys..I am really happy with the improvement..but I will go slow and steady to get better,I do not want to hurt myself! thanks for the advice!
  • PearlAng
    PearlAng Posts: 681 Member
    :drinker: What an accomplishment! Congrats! Enjoy running, and continue to be awesome. 30 seconds is a lot
  • Meganisaface
    Meganisaface Posts: 20 Member
    NICE JOB! I just got mine to 11ish! cutting out about 60seconds or so. (i mistakenly hit stop and had to start it back up on treadmill) It's such a good feeling to shave off those seconds and run continuously!
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