Water Spices

kayduro Posts: 249 Member
Am totally in LOVE with cucumber/lemon water and can't get enough! Thinking of broadening my horizons by adding oranges, pineapple, raspberries....hmmm. The possibilities are endless!

How do YOU take your water?


  • beachylove
    beachylove Posts: 137 Member
    I add lemon or lime everyday I have an infuser cup that I use at work and I load that up with goodness in the morning.

    I have tried during the hot summer months adding frozen Raspberries, Strawberries or Watermelon with some fresh mint leaves which is delicious plus the frozen fruit is a nice snack at the end of the beverage.
  • marissanik
    marissanik Posts: 344 Member
    I drink it straight :wink: or I put a bit of Mio in it if I'm craving something sweeter. Used to do lemon water but it ended up taking too much effort for me, drinking it without anything is just easier.
  • sjaplo
    sjaplo Posts: 974 Member
    By itself first thing upon waking (16oz) - In tea, coffee and tisanes throught the day and then in a converted malt beverage in the evenings.