Yoga vidos

What are some good yoga videos online or dvd's that I can do at home? I did practice yoga for 3 months then I stopped because of my rolled ankle. I"m looking at starting up again but don't want to pay big bucks for a class or gym membership.


  • dwm2112
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    There are a lot of decent videos on YouTube. Just search on "yoga". I've purchased a few of the "Element" series of DVDs from Amazon. Good teachers and routines for $8-$12 per DVD.
  • elyelyse
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    Options is excellent. Dozens of videos of various levels and lengths, all viewable for free.

    Also, regarding big bucks for gym/studio classes...I'm not sure where you're located, but the YMCA near me has basic yoga classes several days a week, and they offer "scholarships" if you're income is below a certain amount. I pay just $25 a month, which is less than the cost of 2 yoga classes at most dedicated yoga studios. (All YMCAs are a little different, but it might be worth looking into).
  • aalbert_82
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    I recently purchased Yoga for Energy and Relaxation with Tamal Dodge. It's an Element DVD and only cost about $10. I think the energy routine is pretty good, but the relaxation routine blew me away. I tried it on a day when I had very sore muscles and I found it was amazing for stretching and achieving a peaceful state.
  • fitnessf0x
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    i like tara stiles on youtube
  • dt3312
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    I checked out a whole bunch of yoga DVDs from the library. It was good to have a variety. Can you just get them at the library and You Tube? That way you wouldn't get bored watching the same DVDs over and over. My favorite was Yoga for Dummies.