12 weeks! How much have you lost? Inspiration needed!! x



  • chaivind
    chaivind Posts: 7 Member
    April 28th will be exactly 12 weeks from when I started my weight loss plan, and I have lost 23 pounds! I probably can add another pound to that total, but it's my TOM. Good luck - you can do it!!!
  • I just started clean eating 3 weeks ago and have already lost 6 pounds. I have completely cut out dairy, highly processed foods, and gluten. I eat high complex cards, a lot of protein and 6 meals a day every meal based around protein. I work out 5 days a week, I do yoga and I stretch to tone muscles. Weight training is the best way to lose weight. Most people think weight training will make you gain, but it turns what you have into muscle and is amasing. By cutting gluten out I have noticed a HUGE difference in my body. I am no longer bloated, I feel less "fat" and I have more energy.
  • jaybird90
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    26 pounds lost so far in 10 weeks! :-) which was much more than I thought achievable in that time!! I started at 190 (now 164) and am 5ft 7.

    I've been pretty strict with diet but don't deprive myself either.. just have things in moderation! I have a high protein & high fat diet with fairly low carb (apart from when I go mad on chocolate haha woops..) and workout 4-5 times per week with a combination of strength & fitness training.

    I think what helps me to stay motivated is knowing I'm getting weighed & measured once weekly - so maybe try doing that yourself?

    Good luck! :-)