Need help guesstimating calories for lunch

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I went out to lunch today at a restaurant called Stir Crazy. I did the make your own stir fry.

My stirfry had the following in it:

a bunch of mixed veggies (celery, cabbage, etc)-prob about 2 cups
5 chunks of pinapple
1 TBS of peanuts
tofu (my guess on tofu is prob 100 calories)
spices- garlic and ginger
a sauce that was called Classic Chinese (about 1/2 cup..maybe??) it looked like some sort of soy or terriaki??
lastly, it was cooked in vegetable broth.

That was all that was in it.

Can you please help me guesstimate the calories? I seriously have no idea.

I appreciate all help! Thank you!!!!


  • SLE0803
    SLE0803 Posts: 145 Member
    and yes, it was delicious, btw :)
  • Log a cup each of two of the vegetables you had. Log 5 chunks of pineapple (or 1 ring, or whatever)
    Log 1 tbsp peanuts.
    etc etc
    Just log each element--you know what you ate, and if you just log the things you ate, you'll get a decent estimate.

    Avoid using Quick Add unless the restaurant lists calories.
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    Hard to guess how much the sauce would be. Hoisin sauce would be a good one to enter for calories. It's kind of a sweet soya sauce. Try using that for your sauce entry in your diary. Most of those sauces are high in sugar and eps odium. Drink lots of water to flush out the sodium. : )