Necessary to break in running orthotics???

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I have been a runner for the last 26 years of my life. The last few years age(40 soon) has lead to some foot issues, ie hammertoes, Morton's neuroma, etc. I have a very high arch and have had orthotics made for my "regular shoes" or I wear shoes like Birkenstocks (I have really kick *kitten* styles so I am still cool...really I am). A doctor recently made a pair of orthotics for my running shoes. This doctor is an asshat. He comes highly regarded but I think he is an arrogant prick.

upon picking up the new running orthotics I felt that familiar feeling of "new orthotic" on my right foot but the left foot felt as if there was a marble in my shoe. It hurt. I let Dr. Asshat know that there was pain in the left foot. He didn't seem to care. I asked about break in procedure, ie wear them walking only for a week, then 10 minutes per run for a week, or could I just start running in which he said "whatever".

The spot to which it feels as if there is a marble in the shoe is the same location as the Morton's Neuroma I suffered through last year.

How does one break in running orthotics?

Do I just need to break in the left orthotic or does Dr. Asshat need to fix it?



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    You definitely need to break them in, and since this Dr. doesn't seem to care what you feel like, or what happens after he's sold you the orthotics, I'd get another podiatrist immediately. I'm still breaking in some orthotics in my running shoes. First, you need to walk in them for short periods, though, until you build up a tolerance, then you can slowly begin to jog/run. They are a bit uncomfortable while breaking them in, but they shouldn't feel like you've got a marble stuck in there. Good luck. Find a new podiatrist who is a runner themselves; they usually are much more empathetic to your needs.
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    Thanks....I was sent to him by runner friends, but actually now that I think of it, they are friends that do a race from time to time and then don't run for 12-18 months until they get the urge. I run to live and live to run. Getting sidelined is not ok to me. So maybe I need a new doc.

    I wore them today just walking about and I had that tired from new orthotics feeling in my right foot and pain the whole time the left shoe was on my foot.
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    Yeah, that's not right. The "tired" feeling is normal. I originally had some issues with mine, and my podiatrist has done 4 adjustments so far to make them more comfortable. He's been very helpful and patient throughout the entire process. That's the way you should be treated, as well. I'm a retired RN, so I have NO patience for a doctor who has poor people skills...there's no excuse for that.