Points vs. Calories (what's your pov)

Hello beautiful people!
I have been having this battle in my mind over and over again and I know that I have lost weight on both of them - also struggled on both of them.

Point Counting (i.e., weight watchers)
Calorie Counting

Which do you prefer? Why?

Please, no negative responses - remember you are here to help! I mean either way I count my calories as I burn them when I work out, but eating... what do you do/prefer and why?


  • navyrigger46
    navyrigger46 Posts: 1,301 Member
    Counting calories is specific to the individual, while WW is a one size fits all approach. They both work, but regardless of what the folks at WW think, fruits and veggies do count.

    Count calories, not "points"

  • cwolfman13
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    calorie counting...calories are real and it is good to have a good grasp of how many calories something actually has. The point system is fine but you never really learn much in the way of what your body actually requires from a calorie (energy) standpoint. I counted calories to lose and knowledge of my calorie intake has helped me maintain easily without logging and counting calories...just the knowledge of what is what and how much energy my body needs at a particular activity level...you don't get that with WW in my experience.
  • ZombieEarhart
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    Calories. The number is chosen by you, not by WW, it's flexible. WW doesn't "count" fruits and veggies, which is part of the reason their "points" are so low- it's a VLCD that you eat a ton of fruit on because you're hungry. I don't know about you, but I can rack up some calories with a few apples and a pint of blueberries.

    Take control of your own nutritional choices and count calories.
  • thavoice
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    Seem to be more of an end game result. The points thing doesnt really add up, pun intended (poorly I might ad) to me and doesnt teach me as much.

    Calories seem to make it easier to regulate and rely on.
  • 4aces61
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    Pretty much the same as posted above. I have seen ppl I know on WW for years, and they never look any different. IMO it's to generic and restrictive. Using MFP since I started in Jan has been a huge asset for me. If you are relentless in your logging, you can see where everything goes and how much of it. it's easy to adjust foods, intake/output, exercise if need be.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    Calories - while paying attention to things like getting enough protein and fiber.

    Last time I did WW I didn't lose an ounce.

    Calories are so much easier. I don't have to calculate some weird formula. And the whole no-point fruit/veggie thing is ridiculous. Plus I find WW people tend to focus so much on points there is no focus on nutrition. Hey better to have 3 points of candy than 4 points of protein. And the more fake/processed food to get the points down the better (I still eat processed food - but I'm working on making better choices).
  • DrJenO
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    Personally, I was STARVING every time I tried to do WW. Like, all I could think about was food.

    This was before the "free" points system, but I don't see how it would be any different for me now.

    I'm hardly ever hungry these days, unless I am banking calories for a splurge weekend.
  • SezxyStef
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    I have done WW twice...Counting calories 1x....I have been more successful with Counting calories than I ever was with WW...
  • fireytiger
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    Calories. I did WW for awhile too, and I found that overall, it's too easy to "cheat" the system with it. I found pretty often you could find things that for one item it's 1 point, but if you eat 1 and a half of it, it's ALSO 1 point. So if it's still the same number of points, why wouldn't you eat more? With calories, if you eat 1 of something it's 40 calories, and if you eat 1 and a half of it then it's 60 calories, period. Keeps you more honest. ;)
  • DonM46
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    Don't have to remember into what category the calorie fits.
    My mother-in-law lost a bunch on WW, but got tired of going to meetings, paying the fees, weighing in, trying to keep track, ....
    She quit & gained back all she'd lost, plus a few.
  • geebusuk
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    Weight watchers is charging for a system that slightly simplifies calorie counting, but by nature also not as effective.

    Calories are what matters, then for body composition and so on - macros.
  • Branstin
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    I lost 32lbs. pounds successfully on WW and never gained back an ounce. However, MFP will do the same and it's free.

    Free is good!
  • Calories are easier. There's no calculating necessary. Only counting.

    Also, I feel like I'm more in control when counting calories. I'm not sure exactly why.

    And calorie counting is free!
  • tabbyblack13
    tabbyblack13 Posts: 299 Member
    I did WW a few years back and I I did lose 65 lbs on it but I have gained back 40 of them because I stopped following the system. Plus it was confusing to see how they counted points and I would cheat the system.

    Pure calorie counting is helping me lose the weight again and I can't cheat this system. It is simpler but I also get more info on what I am putting in my body. The breakdown of protein/carbs/fats and vitamins really help me out. Plus the food logs are easy to see and I can print them out if my Dr needs records of them.
  • My personal preference is to avoid both :)

    I try to count how many servings of things I get in a day as opposed to how many calories/points a food has.
    Example: strive for 8 glasses of water each day, 8-10 fruits & veggies each day, 2-3 protein sources each day, etc.

    Counting these helps me to feel well-rounded and healthy without having to worry if I've gone too high or too low on calories on points. Just my 2 cents... :)
  • Travelbug1955
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    I prefer calorie counting. The reason is that I was so used to doing the weight watchers plan with counting portions of food. I could never get used to counting points. It's just easier for me to count servings and calories.