Sinking Ship? Looking for a new start and some friends!

Falling off of the Titanic would have been easier...
Okay, I have written about falling off the Titanic, so it was easier!
Hello, I am Alyssa and I am going to try this *again*.

I joined MFP a few years ago when I moved back from living in Oklahoma, back to Arizona. When I moved back I was 200 pounds. I was pretty top notch when I got back to working out and what not, I was doing 1200 calories a day and working out 1-3 hours a day about 5 times a week to every day. I got down to 169 - then I stopped. Why? I got my tonsils out and everything backfired from there. My goals, my ideas, everything just went down the crapper and I started to stop caring.

One of my friends from growing up recently messaged me and she has lost tons of weight after putting it on and was kind of an inspiration to me. I went back onto weight watcher points, because I know I had lost a lot of weight doing that before (no rude comments about WW please). I did not pay for it, I did it on my own with information that I found. I am thinking of dropping it on Thursday and going back to counting calories.
1. It was more detailed
2. I miss being on MFP

With that said...
Because I was inactive for a while and what not I seemed to have lost some friends. Now, I do check here at least once a week or so when I am not active just to see what is going on, but I miss having friends and support! Now the friends I do have on here that have stuck with me are amazing and I would not trade them for anything, but I would like some more :) I am greedy I know! I love it when people can keep up socially with me be it on MFP or Facebook or whatever!!

I just bought: 'Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor' by Polar -- YAY hopefully this will motivate me again! I am thinking about picking back up on counting calories starting Thursday! And of course fitness lol. My monitor for calories/heart rate won't be here until like next week, but I can wing it until then!

So, over all - I am looking for some peeps to add to my friends that can chat it up with me, keep motivation up, and be a friend and support over all. PLEASE send me a friends request with a note attached - thanks! <3


  • babydaisy81
    babydaisy81 Posts: 218 Member
    Good for you for climbing back aboard! Good luck, fr sent!
  • Welcome back.

    I sent you a friend request
  • skittlesnhoney
    skittlesnhoney Posts: 651 Member
    Welcome back! For me it was a tailbone injury that derailed my weight loss and I am also a returning MFP'er as of January. Good luck with your goals!
  • emilysmellz
    emilysmellz Posts: 85 Member
    Welcome back!
    I have a hard time sticking to counting calories too, I lost nearly 30 lbs and stopped when I moved & and have put some back on. Request sent your way!
  • runningagainstmyself
    runningagainstmyself Posts: 616 Member
    Welcome back!

    I've just come back, too.... 40lb. gained. Time to knock the crap off and KEEP it off!! :D

    Feel free to friend me. I would love more support.