Wedding weekend UGH!

Hey everyone,
So this last weekend was the wedding weekend for my brother in law. I didn't eat right....i didn't put too much bad stuff into my body, but i certainly didn't eat normal. I just over indulged whenever there were carbs available, and i didn't eat on "schedule" so thne when those carbs were offered...well i ate them! UGH! Then... no exercise, and running around like crazy= a poor choice of weekend eating.....ha...finished off the weekend with IHOP this morning......sigh...i did get a veggie omelet with the fruit, but i had 2 of my hubbies pancakes too....

so...back on track as of right now.....I am scared to weigh in tomorrow...


  • jamie1888
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    It's in the past! All you can do is move forward! Get back on track tomorrow and forget it! :wink:
  • carl1738
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    A one day (or weekend) slip isn't going to do you any harm. At the most, you might gain a pound or two, and that will be mainly water weight from eating too many carbs. Anything that you might have gained should disappear within the week, as you get back into your routine of healthy eating and exercising. Don't sweat the small stuff. Remember, you're in this for the long haul. Forget about it and move on!
  • roylawrence87
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    Your brother in law only gets married so often, so its ok to indulge and celbrate it. I say put it behind you and keep your head up.
  • Try not to look into the past too much. Just stay focused on your goals. Don't keep mentally punishing yourself!
  • jamie1888
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    Look at the bigger picture.. you are going to be active and eat healthy for life, right? A few days, a weekend, a meal here and there...not a big deal in the big picture.
  • Life is for's don't happen every day and it is a way of life now, you can't be afraid to go off track every now and then. Getting back on track is the important part and you sound ready for that xox
  • sarahwright01
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    Thank you everyone for your encouragement! you are all awesome! bee, thank you for your friend request!