DIY Frozen Yoghurt/Low Fat Ice Cream options?

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While not on the specific 'cleanse', I do often eat a tub of icecream or similar a day.

I eat 1000 calories more on days I do weights.
As I'm upping my calories a bit towards a 'lean bulk', I'm trying to restrict my fat intake on the higher calorie days.
I do however want to get plenty of carbs; ideally not fructose.

Any one make their own frozen yoghurts or low fat ice creams?

Do you use a proper 'ice cream maker', or other methods?

The store bought frozen yoghurts are often both expensive and limited in the flavours I would choose - chocolate, caramel etc. (Appreciated some fat is likely to come with some of my choices, but limiting in the base is a good start!)


  • mestiza91
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    if you get 500g of frozen fruit and 500g of greek yoghurt. a little bit of honey to taste and blend. (blending takes a few attempts, u can loosen up with a bit of milk or shaking the blender). and there you have it. really yummy frozen yoghurt and healthy! :)
  • I often blend some frozen berries with a banana.. The consistency is something between a smoothie and ice cream that starts melting. Very tasty stuff.
  • geebusuk
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    Cheers - really want to avoid fructose if possible (for avoiding fat storage on calorie surplus days as well as glycogen replenishment), though not so bothered on rest days.

    I've tried the frozen banana 'ice cream' stuff. While I like bananas, I don't really like "banana flavour" - so while I liked the texture, I found the flavour was the latter and it wasn't really for me :(.