For all of you rockstars out there!

For anyone who has already lost weight, I've been wondering how does it affect, your feet for one.. I HATE buying wide width shoes it is impossible!! Also tattoos, stretch marks, and skin. Also congratulations. Can't wait until I am with you!


  • elghee123
    elghee123 Posts: 489 Member
    Mine looks like I have to buy 1 size lower for my shoes. I haven't lose much yet.
  • brandnewneek
    brandnewneek Posts: 31 Member
    Nice! I am def excited for when shoe shopping will be enjoyable again because I love shoes!!
  • MissySpring
    MissySpring Posts: 442 Member
    I'm about a size down in my shoes. My feet are still wider than before I had kids though. Stretch marks are better, not gone...thin silvery lines instead of wide ones. A bit wrinkly with the extra skin issue. Still better than being obese though! Tattoo is fine, had it done in my early thin years. It got some stretch marks through it when I gained weight but luckily it wasn't distorted.
  • I'm down about 42 pounds from this time last year. Still another 40 or so to go. So far I've lost one shoe size. :)
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