What is the best workout game for the Wii Fit?

It's about time I dust it off. I remember that the game it came with was not too challenging. It was the original Wii Fit game. Is there a more strenuous workout available for the Wii Fit?


  • TateFTW
    TateFTW Posts: 658 Member
    Pick up your wii. Take a running start, then throw it out of the window as hard as you can.

    You've just burned more calories then you will using any of the wii fit games.
  • krisdw
    krisdw Posts: 25 Member
    i disagree. i use mine for the strength training and aerobics mostly. The strength training I know is working because my biceps are getting larger, and the aerobics stepping and running i know is burning calories because i can feel it working. the boxing one is good too.
  • AlyRoseNYC
    AlyRoseNYC Posts: 1,075 Member
    Even the Just Dance games???
  • caribeals
    caribeals Posts: 105 Member
    i love just dance and just dance 2. :) i have 3 small kids ages 2, 4, and 6. its a good, easy cardio workout. i definately work up a sweat!!
  • Amarillo_NDN
    Amarillo_NDN Posts: 1,018 Member
    Anything that gets you to move will burn calories. The best one is the one you enjoy the most, as you will do it more.
  • looby1968
    looby1968 Posts: 742 Member
    I suppose if you are already very fit, then the Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus doesn't seem like a good workout. But I've used Wii Fit and both Just Dance games and they are great fun! Especially, if it's piddling with rain, blowing a force 10 gale or there's 10 feet of snow on the ground!
    Blow off the dust and just enjoy yourself. Put effort into the exercises and you will burn calories!
  • handstand
    handstand Posts: 24 Member
    I've got Wii 'active personal trainer' and have been doing the medium 30 day challenge, (3 levels, easy, medium and hard) the Wii board can be used with it if you want to, it has definately made a difference to me and feel like I have made some progess, I used 'wii fit' exercises to start with and believe it has helped me in my weight loss along with a 20 minute brisk walk every day . I also agree that the boxing one is good too. I've worn my HRM while working out and it does burn the calories.
  • michie1979
    I quite like wii active, personal trainer, as u can set your own routine, andmake it tougher. But I prefer fitness dvd's. Davina McCall's workout is great :)
  • TayJoMama
    TayJoMama Posts: 348 Member
    I really like my Wii Active Personal Trainer. I was using it before I started counting calories and my family would always ask me if I'd lost weight. I hadn't. But I plan to go back to it now that I'm conscious about how many calories i'm taking in.