Am i drinking too much water?

So I convinced myself i was retaining water and posted a forum on here a few days ago explaining my situation that i had about 7 grams of salt in a day and people backed me up saying this would be the cause of my sudden stomach bloat.

Since then i have been watching my sodium intake and drinking about 4-5 litres, maybe more, of water each day to try and flush out the sodium, but in honest, my belly seems to be getting bigger...
I will admit that i am drinking maybe a litre of water within an hour period, and then not having a drink for about 2 hours rather than having small drinks regularly.

I am wondering if drinking this much water, or drinking it in large quantities could cause my body to hold onto it.

Maybe if there is so much water, my kidneys might not be able to process the water quick enough and it may leak into my body cell? is this possible or am I being stupid?


  • Willdta
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    I would suggest drinking at least a gallon/day (3.7L). Water doesn't really play a huge roll in being bloated because it gets excreted anyways. It's important to drink water because it plays a role in cleansing and most importantly hydration so don't be afraid to drink water! It's the best liquid you can drink.
  • MomTo3Lovez
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    If when you go to the bathroom and your urine is clear you are overhydrated, you want it to be a pale yellow, obviously if it's dark yellow you are dehydrated.
  • well thats the thing, considering how much i drink, i dont seem to be going to the bathroom an awful lot and when i do pee, it can vary from being pale to being fairly dark yellow.
  • FatFreeFrolicking
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    You're fine. Maybe instead of drinking an entire liter in one sitting, drink it over the course of 2 hours.

    There was a point in my life where I was drinking 2 gallons a day with no problem except electrolyte imbalances here and there which were easily corrected.

    I drink a little over a gallon now. I love water. It makes me feel good. But I also need to drink at least 100 oz. a day because of certain medications I am on.
  • ackman2002
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    Be careful, too much of anything can actually kill you. Even water.
  • Ive heard of people drowning their bodies but how much water would it take to do this?
  • MomTo3Lovez
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    I was doing the same thing, drinking most of it during the work day and then basically nothing later on so mine would go from clear or pale yellow to dark by the evening, try to space your water consumption more through out the day.

    As for water poisoning, typically is very hard to do, from what I have read it occurs more with athletes that train super hard and are constantly drinking water...not too sure how many ounces in a day would do that as I think it would be different for each person.