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What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • rheddmobile
    rheddmobile Posts: 6,840 Member
    ploomka wrote: »
    Had a lovely holiday with some reasonable indulgences. Made a keto Christmas dinner for the family and a friend, including a low-carb pecan pie and low-carb mulled wine. I love monk fruit and erythritol!! Easy to get back in gear today because, even tho I exceeded my typical calorie allowance the last couple of days, I still ate low carb and with intention. Even while that annoying old Aunt Flo visited for Christmas. Feels good to roll with the holidays and have fun without totally derailing.

    Sounds delicious! Would you be willing to share the low-carb pecan pie recipe? I’ve tried (type 2 diabetic) but mine comes out more like pecan bread than pie. I’ve got holiday eating mostly down except for missing karo pecan pie.
  • rheddmobile
    rheddmobile Posts: 6,840 Member
    my weight's slowly getting more stable (technically have another 4-5kg to hit my goal, but I'm now on the higher end of normal BMI) after I actually ended up losing more/faster than I wanted... apparently despite basically maintaining this past month I'm still shrinking a tiny bit and I've been slowly replacing my clothes.. feels great to be able to order outfits online and actually have them fit OK

    Also, my old jeans fit again :D


    I love your dress! You look gorgeous!
  • cask16
    cask16 Posts: 196 Member

    I have hit my 100lb weight loss goal and was finally able to wear this dress!! This has been my goal dress for the last year and I am so happy I was able to finally wear it confidently.

    That’s a fantastic achievement!
    Hope you feel as fabulous as you look :)
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