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  • ghudson92ghudson92 Member Posts: 1,999 Member Member Posts: 1,999 Member
    ghudson92 wrote: »
    Yesterday I had to wear something smart for the first time since going in to lockdown back in March. I reached for a blouse I've always felt quite happy in, and it was too big! This was subsequently true of all my other blouses and smarter tops. This emboldened me to try on my "one day" shirt and it fit like a glove - it's a UK fitted size 8! Also my smart trousers that gave me a muffin top before lockdown now fit splendidly. This was really quite something as I never thought I'd get too small for those things and was ok with that idea. Bad news is I am getting to the point where I'm going to need to box that stuff up and buy all new clothes - an expense I don't need right now 😐

    Second NSV was from my eldest niece. Firstly, she rang me and asked if she could come workout with me and join me on my daily walk. Secondly, she roped me in to learning a dance with her as she is unable to see her school friends - halfway through I saw her glancing at my arms - "wow your arms are muscular!" Being a good example to her is super important to me so this filled my heart with more happiness than I can convey 🥰

    LOVING this NSV :smile: you rock <3

    Aw thank you 💕
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