What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • playfulkae
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    I twisted my knee on Sunday and instead of either pushing through with my regular schedule and doing more damage or just saying screw it and become sedentary for who-knows-how-long I created a plan B:

    - get up at the same time and do a (very) reduced yoga practice to stay with the habit
    - Schedule a morning walk with a friend, who as it happens needs a push to get his sleeping schedule under control and appreciates getting up and out before work.
    - Bought the annual membership at the pool by my house and been swimming twice already. I need to go 37 times to break even and the annual membership means I won’t hesitate to do shorter workouts more often instead of “getting my moneys worth” at each visit.

    I’m quite proud.

    Way to go! Staying MENTALLY flexible is definitely worth celebrating big time 🥳🥳🥳

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    charmmeth wrote: »
    This is a measuring victory, so sort of scale I suppose, but my waist is now less than half my height (88cm waist: 180cm height). I've been reading that this is a good measure of health and fitness, so this is really pleasing.

    I didn't know that but you can bet I am adding it to my goals. Until now I avoided the tape measure so I wouldn't get depressed but I suspect I'm about 40 inches around the middle (can't call that a waist). Although I dread it, I am headed to my closet right now to measure so I have a baseline to work from. I'm 5'7" so I need to achieve a 33.5 inch waist. OMG I WILL BE A MOVIE STAR OR MODEL OR SOMETHING.

    I was looking at jeans today and a 33.5 waist puts you into a size 12 in that brand, which is my goal size at 5'7". That was the size my mom was for most of my childhood and young adulthood, so it's probably a sensible size for me to aim for. Does thinking, "To get my waist half my height I need to wear a 12," help any? It helps me because I have just fit into a straight 16 comfortably.

    I actually have never heard this!!! It helps me immensely. It looks like based on that I should end up around a size 16 ish for my 5'10 height. Well, based on LL Bean's size charts.